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DescriptionIt’s another Don Ross fantasy-cum-kinda-true, a cache of amateur young guys who, if you believe every lie you’ve been told, have never been in front of the camera before. Maybe just not thecamera Don just rented!

Right into the action, we meet Seth and Miles, two "European" exchange students Don snagged up in San Diego for a jerk off scene. Both are pretty young and fresh-faced, brown-haired Miles having an impish quality (and hickey on the neck). Suspiciously, both are circumcised, neither speaks with an accent, and one has marijuana plant and "Mary Jane" tattoos, so I’m a little dubious about their being genuine European exchange students. Maybe on exchange to Europe - by a sugar daddy.

They have also clearly done this before: In Chokin’ the Chicken 3 they have sex with each other and are admitted Americans. Hot cumshots they really seem to enjoy, though!

Daniel, an ethnic, beefy Marine drill instructor with body hair, is next up. He jerks, we’re done. Lightning, an acne-riddled Don semi-regular, clearly has also done this before. I mean, he’s been in other Don videos! Don extensively manhandles Lightning’s oft-touched dick (shaved, it is) with those loathsome, badly-aged extremities, the lad later showing off his brown starfish in a mirror and landing a load all over his chest.

Marine Enrique is next, a tattoo-riddled Hispanic who also flaunts his arsehole before dropping a small load upon a futon cover. Asian P.G., a Marine, follows, which one of Don’s cronies coaxes into a stroke session. He’s got a cute tight little smooth body, and an equally petite yet rock hard dick. Yeah, we get the butt pucker too, and it’s kind of purple and nasty-looking, so let’s not dwell.

Incidentally, back to that "never done this before" truthfulness issue, P.G. had apparently been approached by Don before but refused, because he was modeling for others at the time. If he’s modeled before, how is this his first time?

Another Asian, Kurt, and Don regular Caz - a small little Native American - (always a step ahead in being PC, Don refers to them as Indian and Oriental) have both done this before, as Don himself notes. Talk about misleading. Kurt goes down on Caz, who acts childishly wherever possible. Disobeying Don’s orders to drop a load on Kurt’s face, Caz sits down and enacts his signature chest-hitting wad on himself. (And yes folks - like a retarded child he blurts out "Oh gross, icky, don't rub it in!").
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