No Way Am I Gay - Zack Cook

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NAME: Zack Cook
DICK SIZE: 7" x 3"

Everyone say hello to frat-boy straight-boy Zack Cook. Zack's an export from Tampa, Florida, and he's into fast cars, The Marlins, working out, and his girlfriend, Tabitha. In fact, he's here today cause he "spends way too much" on Tabitha, and the rent is due. He's "in between"jobs right now, so money's tight. A recent grad, he studied history in college, but he doesn't want to teach. He also "studied girls" in college, Zack jokes, and judging from his boy-ish good looks, he studied a whole lot of them. Today Zack JO'd for our cameras, but there were problems: "The thought of gay sex kinda repulses me," said Zack. "But a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do!"

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