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Musclemen Zozi and Michael do a bet. Both guys think they are stronger than the other and can do more push-ups. To make the bet riskier they agree that the winner can fuck the loser. The bet begins. Both guys can do many push-ups but finally Michael gives up. Super ripped Zozi is very happy and he demands his legal claim - Michael's butt. But Michael doesn't want to give it to him and they start to fight for the butt crown. Suddenly super-tall and mature French muscleman Anthony appears, lifts up Zozi and yells at him: "What are you doing with my boyfriend?" He gets very mad because he knows that Zozi wants to have sex with Michael. Crazy wrestling begins between the very agressive ex-judo champion French man and the much smaller and less skilled Zozi. Anthony lifts him up and throws him everywhere in the ring, just playing with Zozi who tries to fight back bravely but to no avail. When it turns out that Zozi is not enough for Anthony, Michael joins and naked wrestling begins. Nice 2-on-1 action and finally the match looks equal among the 2 muscleguys and the French giant. In the second part, the two "smaller" (5'11" and 180lbs) guys finally overpower Anthony and have them suck both cocks. But the real loser (or winner?) of this fight is Michael. Zozi and Antony both fuck the supercute bodybuilder and I think Anthony's 10 inches megadick was memorable for Michael's tight asshole. THREESOME AT ITS BEST
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