TIM Bone Deep (one avi file)

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DescriptionSc 1: Mating (Keer and Christian)
Incredible energy, serious hard-core deep-fucking, Keer gagging poor li'l Christian on that 10 incher and counting slowly to T-W-E-N-T-Y!

Sc 2:  Fucking Damon Dogg (Damon Dogg, Derek Anthony)
Once they get going, DEREK pounds the DOGG relentlessly. And DAMON is in DOGG heaven, backing his fine round rump up to take DEREK's dick-strokes.

Sc 3: Crazy Fuckers (Calvin, Ray Dalton, Mason Garrett, Fred Mayer)
Two tops and two bottoms, the ass-pumping action was so damned insane so fucking noisy that we ended up getting tossed out by the management. But goddamn, it was worth it!

Sc 4: Dan Fisk fucks Jason Park
Fisk has the ability to get a bottom to beg, really beg...and Jason is easy prey indeed. At first Dan fucks slow and deep, pulling all the way out (one of Dan's signature fuck-techniques...) so he can enjoy how much he's stretching a hole with his fat mushroom-headed cock.

Sc 5: Stallion (J Austin, Kyle Gentry)
Every once in a while, you see a cock that redefines the word "HUGE". J. Austin, a diffident Atlanta horseman, has a cock that's destined to be legend. This scene is, plain and simple, a huge bone taking what it wants.

Sc 6: Lucas Groupfuck (Lucas, Derek Anthony, Lito Cruz, James Douglas)
These four were lined up ' cause Lucas loves getting fucked by daddies, especially when they have a cock as thick as a fuckin' tree trunk.

Sc 7: Flexx and Rashad
Flexx makes Rashad do all the work while he sits like a king in his easy chair and Rashad happily sidles up and slides down on Flexx's big boner.

Sc 8: Boy Riding Bull (Tober Brant, Ian Jay)
Massively-muscled madman Brant is pitted against scrawny little skaterboy Jay. The result? You get the sense that Jay is riding a fuck-crazy bull, hanging on for dear life.

Sc 9: Go-Go Eddie's Fuck Party (Go-Go Eddie, Calvin, Ray Dalton, BJ Slater, Sean Hunter, Trey Maddox)
This is bone-stokin' all-out man-fucking by a gang of wildmen who live to fuck and fuck to live. And added to the mix is the obliging Trey, the lucky dude on clean-up duty. He happily goes back and forth between cum-dripping dicks and Eddie's juicy hole, slurpity-slurp.

Sc 10: Fisting Go-Go Eddie
Eddie's hole was awash in semen, all dripping, oozing, pouty and wet. But it takes a hell of a lot to satisfy Go-Go, and damn if the fucker didn't beg for more. So the fisting started. Using equal parts jizz and Vaseline, the tops took turns fucking 'n' fisting that wide-open hole.

Sc 11: Feeding the Young (Mark Dixon, Hal, Keer)
Muscleman Mark Dixon squirts a gut full of milk out from his ass into a glass held by cute young HAL guzzles down every nourishing drop. Then enter Keer to fuck Mark, pounding gouts of milk right out of that big muscular ass which Hal happily slurps up. Finally, Keer fucks a load up Mark's muscle-ass and Hal felches everything clean. The kid was hungry!

Bonus 1: Kitchen Scene (Ray Dalton, Sean Hunter, Trey Maddox)
Ray and Sean power-pork Trey on the dining room table. Ever the obliging sub bottom, Trey licked the table clean afterwards.

Bonus 2: Mating: Extended Version

Bonus 3: Keer's Tattoo

Christian, Keer, Damon Dogg, Derek Anthony, Dan Fisk, Ian Jay, Calvin, Fred Mayer, Mason Garet, Ray Dalton, Jason Park, J. Austin, Kyle Gentry, James Douglas, Lito Cruz, Lucas, Flexx, Rashad, Tober Brandt, BJ Slater, Go-Go Eddie, Sean Hunter, Trey Maddox, Mark Dixon, Phoenix Sanchez, Hal

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