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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-11-03 |
Cast:  Travis Wade, Vince Bandero, Cameron Fox, Sebastian Gronoff, Marcus Iron, Jeremy Jordan, Buck Meadows, Tristan Paris, David Pierre, Addison Scott, Virgil Sainclair, Dominic Russio, Nick Steel

The unofficial world capital of gaydom, San Francisco, provides the backdrop for this wonderful little sexual romp. Designed to appeal to a wide audience, Hard to Hold brings together some of the biggest names in Jocks family of porn models.

The story follows young Jordan (who looks like he’s just sprouted pubic hair) as he delves dick-first into San Fran’s steamy sexual underworld. The initial scene finds Jordan embroiled in an exuberant threesome with Sinclair (who sports a colossal schwantz) and Russio (whose meat is nothing to scoff at). Dirty talk and lots of sweat give the scene that extra oomph.

It’s off to the adult theater, where Paris titillates onlookers Meadows and Russio with a swishy dance before going into the audience and giving his admirers a closer look (and taste) of his assets.

Another spirited three-way ensues as Russio starts taking cocks down the throat and up the crapper. This scene also contains the rarely seen "two aces in the hole" trick: Russio takes not one but two engorged phalli into his rubbery rosette at the same time!

The next scene is another trio starring Iron, Gronoff and the lovely chrome-domed Scott. Before you can say "Shove it in me bum!" these three horny homos are packin’ the fudge like true professionals while the ropy veins on Scott’s bald pate swell to capacity. It’s back to the adult theater where a lengthy cum-soaked orgy explodes betwixt Fox, Jordan, Steel, Bandero and Wade.
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