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Tony and Pablo are both athletic bi-guys, so what better way to start their scene than to have them play some soccer on the beach? Surf, sand and sex, literally!

Tony was a little uptight about doing a full-on scene with another guy. He comes from a traditional family and he is even a little "afraid" of his conservative-minded Dad. Like so many guys who are omnisexual but who lifestyle-wise identify as "straight," labels and boundaries are important to his sense of masculinity, as well as potentially libelous to his social strata. In short, he worries about what his family--and probably some macho friends-- would think.

That said, his hemming and hawing evaporated when he found out we had delicious Pablo in mind for his duo! Another natural athlete, easy going with his ready smile and sunny disposition, Pablo could probably influence anybody to take their clothes off! Kicking a soccer ball around was equivalent to foreplay for them. Not only did it get their hearts going and work up a sweat, but it got them into a playful spirit with each other and bonded them through a common link--their love of sports.

By the end of the game, they were already like old friends.

With a friendly case of unrelieved sexual tension.

I think somehow it also helped that Pablo shares Tony's view that "bisexual and straight are the same", that logistic passkey by which so many South American men escape stigmatic (and restrictive) labels like "gay" or even "bi." A real man fucks everything, right? Case closed! So in that spirit, they commenced to make out after their soccer game, and a beautiful sight it was there in the open with the ocean pounding away in the background. There's something unbeatable about sex in the open air, whether it's the thrill of getting caught, or just the freedom of feeling the licking wind blowing across your naked body, a sensation you can't quite approximate with an electric fan in a bedroom, for example! Whatever it is, it always seems to be an effective aphrodisiac, as we're sure you will agree when you see the inspired kissing and sucking that went on before our cameras.

With a guy smaller than himself,

Pablo may naturally have assumed the "active" role of getting sucked and topping, but he bowed to genetics--Tony being the bigger, badder-dude. So Pablo found his softer side, and sucked Tony's dick like there was no tomorrow.

Eventually, our two bi-jocks walked naked across the sand (ooh!), hand in hand (awwwww!), to go inside for some down n' dirty fucking. If you're in any doubt about Pablo's enthusiasm as he sucked Tony's cock some more, in anticipation of getting fucked by it, check out his own pre-cum oozing cock as he did it! (Some things you just can't fake!)

Pablo says in his interview that getting fucked hurts at first, and then it feels good. This may be true, but all we saw was pleasure on his cute little face as he first sat on Tony's big dick and then took it doggy style before Tonys shot a hot load across Pablo's back. And then, with Tony cradling him like an easy chair, Pablo shot his own load, after which they both collapsed like spent rag dolls into a sweaty heap, both of them lost in their dizzy, ecstatic afterglow. Hand me a cigarette. I'm spent too.
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