Fightplace Rumble in the Attic 5

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DescriptionAfter a long time, there are two known fighters on the matts. Eddie and Bob entered the attic. They met each other outside to take some pictures, but then Moe arrived to make some trouble. He entered the attic, too.
In this fight we can see old vs. new. Eddie and Bob exchanged and Moe fought alone. The two old hands wanted to show the newbie how to fight. Bob and Moe started to fight, but Eddie still took some pictures to continue the shooting of them. Bob seems to be really dominant and Moe had no chance. Then Bob and Eddie exchanged, to check out, if Moe has any chance against the tall boy. But you can get the impression, that Moe is not able to counter anything of his opponents.
Some exchanges later, Moe got a support of Bob. Eddie was not that happy about that and got totally mad. So he attacked Bob immediately. Now there was no structure in the fight. ItÂ’s dog eat dog.
The three fighters attacked their opponents with Scissors, Ballgrabs, SchoolBoyPins and way more hard moves. Suddenly they found a whip and a rope. The pure torture got started. Two on one they fettered and whipped each other.
At the end the old structure was restored. They fettered Moe and showed him their dominance.
A crazy fight where everyone had to receive a lot.
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