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DescriptionAnnoyed by someone knocking while he is in the bathroom, our first subject steps out into the shower room and demands to know what the annoying knocker wants. The other says nothing but just looks at him before suddenly producing a knife which he quickly punches to the hilt in his exposed gut, just above his navel. The stricken victim staggers back against the wall where he struggles to pull the blade from his gut and as soon as he manages to pull it out, he turns it around and presses it deep into his attacker's gut! The attacker, now stabbed with his own knife, falls back against the wall where he too slides down to the floor where he struggles to pull the bloody knife out of his own gut. The first victim watches with satisfaction as his attacker strains and pulls at the knife, satisfied that he has done what he could to avenge himself but he soon slumps down in death on the floor beside his attacker. The original attacker who has managed to pull the knife from his own gut, now weakens, as waves of pain wrack his body before he too slumps over, killed by the very one he intended to kill.
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