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Description - These two hoodlums arrived at the house on the same day, so I got an extra special treat getting them acclimated to the Halfway House.  While my buddy was downstairs going through their bags, I got to do the up close and personal inspection.  Having emptied their pockets and removed their clothes, I did a quick butthole check and had them sit down in front of me.

Let me tell you, these guys couldn't have been more different.  One was a mild-mannered looking guy, who might not have gotten in trouble at all in his life until one mistake.  The other looked a lot like a hardened criminal who would just as soon stab you in the gut as not.  No matter, they were both young and had fine bods.  I knew I was gonna get a nut and they were going to be put in their place quickly.

I begin by having one and then both of them suck my dick.  It seemed as if they had both sucked cock before, albeit probably for different reasons.  They both did a fine job, but the mean one kept glaring at me as if he wanted to kill me.  Good thing I hold the key to his immediate future.  There's nothing that little prick will do to piss me off, and he and I both know it.

I decided to fuck the other one first, and then I try to fuck tough-guy. This dude is tight.  Really tight.  His butthole is like a small metal ring that just won't give.  So after realizing it'll be a chore to loosen him up, I set to it.  I manage to get him rather loose, and then I take my dick out and make the other one go ass-to-mouth on it.  He seems so eager to please, and goes down on my lubed up ass-smelling cock like a trooper.  I like that guy.  So, of course, I fuck him some more.  He can take a dick, that's for sure.  His ass feels good, but I'm still interested in fucking the felon.

I have tough-guy lie on the floor while the other holds his legs up, and finally I am able to just go hog wild on his ass.  It is tight and feels delicious.  I'm definitely enjoying this intake session!  I end up nutting in his mouth and then letting him clean off my cock with his tongue, while the other dude just lies there on the floor watching.  I'll tell you what: these two won't be fucking around much during their stay!
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