Military Classified - Porter & Simon

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Today is a special day because I'm releasing a duo that has made a huge impact on how I view high school buddies. Simon has been here many times before and when he recently made his come back, he introduced me to his buddy Porter and the rest was history. Watch as these two clowns banter back and forth with each other and then take out their sexual aggressions on my ass and throat! This scene took over 7 hours to shoot.

When Simon contacted me he was a little hung over and said he had a buddy that he thought they could do a movie together and I, of course, jumped at the idea and made it happen. The next day the two boys were headed up to Laguna Beach to visit Simon's friend Rob Navarro. When they arrived they were a little quiet and nervous only because Simon gave Porter a run down on me and I think they always become a little bit intimidated when they first meet me and see my operation.

Once I brought them in to the house and then we had a couple of drinks and a few tokes we were relaxed and the guys were feeling a little more comfortable and began smiling. This shoot was unusual because there wasn't any kind of format for the movie and I didn't even really have a plan, I just ran the cameras and see what came of it and I think I got some pretty good stuff.

Aside the usual I was able to get both these straight studs hard as rocks and bouncing back and forth between the two as I rode both Simon and Porter like a cowboy on a rampage. Next we moved to the reverse cowboy position and Porter took control and I LOVED It! I was pretty much spent by the time we moved into the doggie style position but I knew I had to endure.

The doggie position was a monster because these two knew just how to handle an ass and I was the victim in the situation as Porter man handled me literally and fucked my ass raw! Both Simon and Porter took turns on my ass and they both left their loads as homage to my ass as both these studs delivered straight man sized loads for my liking! This was a great shoot and I think we will be seeing more of Porter!

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