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Les Hommes Au Naturel (1995)

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Descriptiondirector William Duffault

Andre Girard
Carl Erik (us)
Daniel LeBrun
Daniel Ranger
J.T. Sloan
Lone Halex
Luc Beauregard
Marc Richard
Mitch Levec

Muscled French-Canadian studs get down and dirty in their beautiful local surroundings, proving that they can fuck and suck with wild abandon in the great outdoors.

1. Andre Girard has just set up his campsite when Park Ranger Mitch Levec checks up on him to make sure he's using the stoves provided for campers. Andre's following the rules, and Mitch can tell he's a little horny, so Mitch decides to reward this particular camper...and Andre isn't going to squander his reward. Before long Andre's got Mitch's cock deep in his throat...devoting himself to the massive tool. When Mitch is hard and horned, he pushes Andre back and buries his cock deep in Andre's ass. Fucking the jockstrapped camper hard, fast, and long...until finally both men unleash their loads.

2. JT Sloan is spending some time on the farm, but the pastoral life is a bit too tedious for his tastes. He makes the rounds, enjoying the views and visiting the animal pens before he runs into farmhand Lone Halex shuffling straw in the haybarn. The two men size each other up immediately...mirroring each other as they pull out their cocks and start stroking. JT drops to his knees and gives Lone a good sucking. Lone returns the favor, sucking JT's cock and rimming his ass. Surrendering to lust, JT slides his cock deep in Lone's ass and rhythmically fucks the lone farmhand...eventually taking him from behind as Lone reclines on a barrel. JT pumps and pumps until both mens hunger for cock is satisfied.

3. Luc Beauregard is on a hike....unfortunately he hikes into someone's back yard where he finds gardener Daniel Ranger. It's okay, Daniel tells him, the owners are all out on a ride, so there won't be any trouble. After offering Luc a drink of water, Daniel gives Luc something much more refreshing...an extended and very greedy blowjob. Daniel closes his eyes and lets Luc's cock slide deep down his throat...devoting all his attention to throating that stiff prick. Grateful for the service and a bit hungry himself, Luc begins to suck Daniel's cock. The two men 69 on the lawn for awhile, then Luc devotes himself to opening and warming Daniel's hole. When everything's loosened up, Luc slides his cock deep in Daniel's ass and gives him a slow deliberate fucking. The men remain entwined in their thrusts until at last the two men unleash their heavy loads.

4. Carl Erik and Daniel Lebrun have just finished setting up their campsite. As they toast the completion of their task the two men see just how hungry for each other their exertions have made them. Daniel settles down to sucking Carl's enormous uncut cock. Licking and slurping and sucking and playing with it...enjoying that big prick up close. Carl wants more than a lick, and in no time at all he's pressing his shaft deep in Daniel's hole. Carl thrusts deep and hard, fucking Daniel in a number of positions before both men finally lose their loads.

5. Luc Beauregard is hiking through the woods when between the leafy branches he spies moustached stud Marc Richards going down on JT Sloan. Eager for a fleshy encounter, he steps onto the scene and immediately finds JT sucking his shaft. Before long the men are settled down sucking each other, then JT rims Luc and the men divide their attention between throat and ass-fucking as this threesome molds and morphs in a number of steamy positions. When they've all sucked and fucked their fill, the three men unload together as the breeze massages the forest canopy.
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