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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-10-29 | English | subs: none | mpg | http://www. imdb.com/title/tt0401366/ |

Title: Daydream Obsession
Release Date: Jaunary 24, 2004 (copyright 2003)

Genre(s): soft; soft-core gay movie for ONLY the sake of showing genitalia (NR) mainstream in the US [imho]; nudity; gay interest; dominance; voyeurism; fantasy; comedy-drama

Tagline: When fantasies become dangerous
UPC Code: 631008055992
ASIN Code: B0000UX5ZW
MSR: $29.95 US
Director: Thomas R. Smyth
Writer: Scott Yarbrough
Producer: Steve Malis
Co-Producer(s): Joseph Dain and Steve Malis
Executive Producer: Michael Shoel
Casting: Leona McCouch
Makeup: Crystal Blair
Costumes: Jeff Cooper
Sound Designer: Richard Hopkins
Music: Tanya Simpson

Production Company and Distributor(s):
    * Culture Q Connections -- hxxp://www.imdb.com/company/co0099419/
    * Ariztical Entertainment -- hxxp://www.imdb.com/company/co0019518/

    * Joseph "Joe" Dain (Clayton) [lead actor]
    * Christopher Michaels (Brian)
    * Danny Dallas (Will)
    * Julian Coca (Raymond, as the Hustler)
    * Will Thomas (Carlos)
    * Justin Hasan (Peter)
    * Rafael (Jonathan)
    * Adam Blinn (Steven)
    * Crystal Levine (Tina, as a token girlfriend to Brian)

Total Run Time: 93 minutes  Feature Run Time: 86 minutes
Additional Scenes (parsed to end of feature): THREE (to make the DVD rip complete)
File Size: 836MB

Comments from the poster:

Believe it or not, this very soft-core movie is available via Blockbuster (hxxp://www.blockbuster.com/browse/catalog/movieDetails/237416).  I cannot find it on Netflix at this time (late 2009).
I, personally, like watching nudity in movies that does NOT need to reflect sex.  This movie shines for gays in that arena.
This entire movie is all about full frontal nudity of men.  No sex.  No hard-ons.  Just lots and lots of full male nudity.
Admittedly, the plot line is extremely thin.  This IS an American non-rated film to simply provide nudity.  Yet I put this into "Themed Movie" category because this is not porno -- it is a genre that is extremely rare.
My personal two favorite scenes (amongst many) are at:
* 0:54 through 0:55 mark where the lead (I place myself into his position) is fantasizing about those around him and is "caught" with a tent -- yet his compatriots simply joke about needing to relieve some stress.  Very hot in this soft flick.
* 1:08 through 1:10 mark (after a few preliminary minutes) of Clayton watching Carlos, Clayton is clearly ready to stroke while seeing Carlos being comfortably at ease in his room -- until a sound alerts Carlos and he moves into isolation.  This type of set-up is also very hot imho.
Others, of course, do not like SOFT male full-frontal nudity flicks (see hxxp://www.amazon.com/Daydream-Obsession-Christopher-Michaels-Julian/dp/B0000UX5ZW/ref=cm_cmu_pg__header).  To each their own.

A man tries to prove his love through abduction in this gay-themed comedy drama.  Clayton (Joseph Dain) is a handsome man in his early twenties who is sharing a house with several roommates.  He is an all-American dude with a secret.  He is in love with his close friend Brian (Christopher Michaels), one of his macho roommates.  While Clayton is gay, he is only now coming to terms with his sexuality and has yet to come out of the closet.  Making this situation all the more complicated for Clayton is his growing infatuation with Brian, who has become the central figure in his frequent erotic fantasies.  Clayton turns to a video diary to share secret fantasies of all his roommates.  You, too, can share in Clayton's lustful daydreams as he tours his house packed with young, virile manhood including: nude wrestling, a long, steamy thorough shower, an awesome underwater romp in the pool and one dude's hot rendezvous with a babe in the hot tub.  While at first it's playful, his passion grows and his fixation becomes a dangerous, hot, sweaty, climactic reality.  Unable to find an outlet for his longings, Clayton finally snaps and kidnaps Brian with the intention of finally revealing to him the nature of his feelings.  Will Clayton's desires finally be requited or will he find himself behind bars?

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