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MBZ - Elder Jordan Evaluation

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Description“Elder Jordan, I’m going to conduct an evaluation…

Do exactly as you’re told. Do you understand?”

Mormon temples are special houses of worship, where the most sacred ceremonies are performed. The nature of these ceremonies is a closely-guarded secret, available only to faithful members of the Church. Patriarch Smith has asked Elder Jordan to meet him at the temple for an evaluation. The young Mormon boy feels lucky to have been singled out by the Patriarch, and he and his companion wake up early and take a bus to the temple. HeÂ’s nervous and excited. He shows his temple recommend to the temple worker at the door, and then leaves his companion in the lobby while he is led to one of the templeÂ’s ordinance rooms.

Patriarch Smith is waiting for him, dressed all in white. “Elder Jordan, I’m going to conduct an evaluation. Do exactly as you’re told. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” says the missionary, trying to contain his excitement.

Patriarch Smith has heard from his companion that Elder Jordan is an exhibitionist — that he likes to get off while others watch. So he orders the boy to strip for him.
First the name tag, then the necktie come off. The young Mormon stud then unbuttons his shirt and puts it to the side. Patriarch Smith runs his eyes over the boyÂ’s muscular body, visible under his sacred underwear, and starts to get hard. When the boy bends over to untie his shoes, Patriarch Smith scoots closer and does it for him. Elder Jordan stands up and takes off his pants under the patriarchÂ’s approving gaze. He adjusts his big dick in his garments.

The older man can’t wait any longer. He has to get his hands on that thick dick and round ass. “Come forward,” he gruffly tells the boy. Then he takes his package in one hand and gropes his ass with the other. Elder Jordan looks straight ahead, ignoring the stirrings of an erection at the base of his dick. The boy tries to match the patriarch’s seriousness. Patriarch Smith turns him around and slowly slides down his garment bottoms. Elder Jordan can’t help gasping as he feels the man’s hands on his naked flesh. The patriarch leaves the garments just high enough to restrain the head of his straining cock, then runs his hands over his beefy chest and ass. He spreads the boy’s cheeks and looks at his tight hole. As the man plays with his butt, the boy’s giant dick tugs at the top of his garments. Patriarch Smith gently plays with his shift, eliciting more moans from the boy.

“Remove the garment,” he says, which is exactly what Elder Jordan wants. He steps out of the underwear, his dick fat with the beginning of an erection. As the patriarch starts to tug on his shaft, he closes his eyes and let’s the priesthood leader do whatever he wants. The patriarch shifts his attention to the elder’s athletic body and whispers in his ear, “I want you to get hard.” As Elder Jordan strokes his cock, Patriarch Smith watches and lets his own dick get hard.

Elder JordanÂ’s cock is rock hard. He can feel the patriarchÂ’s eyes on him as he strokes his big dick. Jerking off in the temple is about the worst sin he can imagine. The thought of dropping a load in here sends a thrill up his spine. He beats his big dick hard as Patriarch Smith rubs his leg and enjoys the show.

To get a better look at the boyÂ’s juicy ass, the patriarch tells him to kneel on the couch and face away. The silent room is full of the boyÂ’s sighs and the sound of him jerking his dick. Elder Jordan clenches his butt as he feels the cum building in his balls. He wants to shoot a load, but not until he has permission from the patriarch. But the older man is enjoying the sight of his tight hole too much to let him bust just yet. The patriarch gets on his knees and spreads the boyÂ’s cheeks to get a look at his hole. Elder Jordan drops his head on his arm, his dick is hard and aching to cum.

Patriarch Smith can tell heÂ’s close, so he orders him to turn around. He massages his own bulging penis as the gorgeous boy strokes his shaft. He bites his lip and breathes heavily. He knows the handsome older man wants his cum, and he wants to please him. He closes his eyes and strokes hard so that he can produce a big white load. His fingers hit the fat head of his dick and he knows he canÂ’t resist any longer. He shudders and giant gobs of white cum shoot out of his hard dick.

Patriarch Smith really enjoyed the show. While the boyÂ’s whole body is still sensitized, the patriarch collects the cum with his fingers and anoints his forehead.

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