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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-05-25 |

Director: Alexander

CAST (Brazilian actors with their names dubbed as Arabians)

Abbud Azim
Basil Karim
Diya Aldin
Falah Mujib
Rabah Rafi
Tahir Abban

Director Alexander has done very well with Arab-themed movies by faking up their usual sets and boys to look less Brazilian and more Middle Eastern, and “Arabian Fever” fits in perfectly. The guys, towering men with lots of tattoos and the biggest dicks on the planet, put on some vaguely Arabesque garb, only to remove it and rage into a series of fuckfests Alexander-style, which means everyone has to work hard and somehow manage to make the biggest cocks look like mere toys.

We start on an almost romantic note with Khaladun, showing up in a room laden with opulent exotica. Tall and muscular, he wears a long flowing turban and immediately pops out a sizeable uncut boner that the camera swoops all over to adore. With just a little moisture from his tongue, this hunk with the heavy eyelids goes into fantasy mode.

He first sees a three-way with Diya Aldin, Falah Mujib and Madanih. Falah, with coffee-colored skin and a thin body, goes down on pale Diya Aldin, a hunk with a dimpled chin and an outrageously thick dick. Sucking it is a grand challenge for Falah, but with a lot of spit and a great deal of intensity, he works it beautifully. Madanih has a boner he can deep-throat, so he gets to show off plenty. He goes back and forth with loving style and then bends over to suck just Diya and lets Madanih rim his ass briefly before fucking it. Again, Madanih has the more manageable dick, so his fucking of Falah is easy. Therefore, he races through it in order to sit down on Diya. With gyrating hips, he rides Diya like a pro, taking every damn last inch of him. Quite a feat. Everyone cums on a glass table, wonderfully shot from below, and it’s going to take a lot of glass cleaner to mop up those blasts!

Khaladun conjures up a second three-way. In this one, dark-skinned Tahir Abban is standing between studs Shihad and Basil Karim. Shihad has the scene’s required dick of death, a curving menace that Tahir is actually able to blow quite well. His plump lips help him get nearly all the way down. Then its big-browed Basil’s turn to wrap his mouth around Shahid’s pecker. He closes his eyes and goes for broke. While Basil watches and beats off, Shahid fucks Tahir. It’s a mighty tight fit, but Shahid is forceful and insistent. Basil stares with interest and then it’s his turn. He’s a loud bottom, definitely letting us know exactly what Shahid inside him feels like. Tahir gets to jack off this time, and soon enough from his huge dick releases a sprinkle, causing the other men to follow suit.

It looks like Khaladun could explode any minute, and before he thinks of a third scene, we are treated to a wonderful view of his ass for a while. He then thinks of Najib, a miraculously handsome man with gorgeous dark eyes and a muscular frame that is unimaginably mouthwatering. He flexes and poses for a while and then finally lets his supreme hardon out of his loose pants. The tattoo right above his cock that says “sexy” isn’t lying. The humongous cock curves all the way to the left, but since Najib is so hot, he doesn’t race to beat off. There’s a whole body (not to mention an ass that everyone should have the chance to eat) to worship. Najib is definitely not shy and he winds his way through the sexiest possible solo not relying on his cock to impress, though surely that is part of the reason it scores so well. At one point, he heads over to a mirror, which means the viewer gets two shots of him, and there he leaves his cum.

That solo is a hard act to follow, so Khaladun has another three-way for us. This one starts very sweetly. Ferran, a mocha-colored man with a giant tattoo inching toward his cock, is standing next to a bed where Bashshar, a good-looking hunk, is cradling Abbud Azim. Everyone very lovingly touches and Abbud and Bashshar kiss, which is beautiful. It’s almost romantic the way they play, look and kiss. Ferran is more about actual business, so he unleashes a boner in Bashshar’s face, but Bashshar is in no rush and instead of downing it, he starts with simple licks, very carefully then taking just the uncut head. By this point, Abbud is fully hard. Bashshar drops the light touch when he is given the task of sucking Ferran and superbly chiseled Abbud goes down on him. The three jack off for a while as the camera watches underneath, three fast hands manning three giant dicks. Bashahar is the bottom and Ferran finally shows a little spark when he eats Bashshar’s ass with a pert tongue. Bashshar seems nervous even just getting rimmed, which is understandable because Ferran has a whopper of a dick to feed his butt. Once the two get in a rhythm, Bashshar proves himself a amiable and able bottom, but Ferran is a very chilly performer. It takes the strikingly sexy Abbud to pump steam back into the scene. The long shots of him using his entire frame to fuck Bashshar made me drool and the close-ups of his more manageable dick inside Bashshar did the same. Bashshar gets comfy on the bed again between the two so everyone can cum on him.

Khaladun is comfortable in his room eating a pear and jacking off, managing to actually make that look enticing. More ass shots are helpful too, but better is his finale threesome fantasy. Wearing a long turban and a huge set of tattoos, Rabah Rafi is seated between spindly Yazeed and plump-lipped Ramzi. Rabah is extremely handsome, and Ramzi right behind him, with a look of danger on his face trumped only by what has to be the movie’s biggest thickest cock. In close-up, it takes up pretty much the entire frame. There is some light kissing here among the three, but with a dick like Ramzi’s ready for sucking, it would be wasting time to dabble in too many pleasantries. Rabah tries his best to suck Ramzi, but the laws of physics wouldn’t allow one mouth to take all of it. Easier to handle is Yazeeed, whose dick is deep-throatable. Ramzi bites around Rabad’s asscheeks a bit as a delaying tactic, because his dick is itching to be inside. He’s very very careful getting it in. Not wanting to tear Rabah in half, he works slowly at first, but make no mistake, he settles for nothing less than complete insertion, and he does it with aching lusty style. Rabah keeps quiet by sucking Yazeed. They stop fucking so Rabah can rest, but he’s soon seated on Ramzi’s dick. This position does not allow for as much movement as when Ramzi was forcing himself into Rabah, but it’s divine nonetheless. Yazeed is smiling as he watches it. In a split second, Rabah pulls off Ramzi and sits on Yazeed, his ass wide open for this easier cock. Yazeed has a great cum-shot, followed by impressive ones from Ramzi and Rabah.

Before we sign off, we have to see Khaladun finish. It’s only fair, since he’s been so patient in his lengthy scene introductions full of personal body worship, cock pumping and anal preening. With a somewhat arrogant air that fits him, Khaladun gets right to the point, juicing his uncut cock quickly. Now he can sleep and dream some more!
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