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Descriptionoriginal upload: 2010-01-18 |

Gino Colbert's Red, White and Blue! Starring Blue Blake! I've tried searching for a description, but every where I look says this is an "out of print" title.

A solider just out of the Navy comes home to find his wife has left him, and moves to California to make a new life on his own.

1997, 90 min
Country:  US
Studio :  New Age Pictures

Cast:  Blue Blake, Tom Katt, Derek Cameron, Rip Stone, Blade Thompson, Paul Carrigan, Cody Whiler

Director:  Gino Colbert
Screenwriter:  Blue Blake

One of Blue Blake's most notorious as a performer, as he takes gobbbers of cum in his mouth and on his face. He plays a recent divorcee coming to grips with being alone. Naturally a trip to a run-down motel and a porn theatre are in order. Tricking never looked so nasty and fun. The plot's kinda been done before, but the overall tone this one sets really had me going into heat right on the spot.

There's a couple of great cameos here, and the sex is certainly eye-opening, although the camera angles and lighting could have been cranked up a notch or two, especially during the pivotal porn theatre circle-'o-sex scene. Dirty and sleazy, this flick will satisfy fans of the Brit sexpig as well as lovers of facials that don't involve bottled skin-care products. In other words: Clinique, eat your heart out. There's a new 3-step program in town!
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