♺ Dominic vs Eric Fury: Cocky Alpha Studs Wrestling

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-10-07 |
Big and ripped young muscle studs Dominic and Eric Fury (aka Mark Monty) battle it out n this back and forth wrestling match. The match starts with Dominic coming in to find Eric relaxing on the couch. A pre-match flex off is quickly begun, as both of these guys simply can't resist looking and grabbing each others huge flexed muscles! Dom's physique is all about sheer muscle mass, as his biceps explode to huge proportions and his shoulders and back stretch on for days. Eric on the other hand is more compact with ripped and shredded definition everywhere, but both hunks put on quite a pose off for muscle lovers. When the match gets under-way, it's fairly back and forth from the get go. Dom is just 15lbs heavier so both are pretty evenly matched. Bearhugs, armbars, camel clutches, torture racks, back-breakers and mat work are all on display here. It's truly an unpredictable match as both studs are cocky and dominant alpha males who don't want to lose, and go back and forth until one finally does wring out the decisive victory. Very hot match!
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