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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-10-10 |
Scene 1: Vince and Brady are both straight, and this video is an example of two straight guys being nervous, but both of them want to try sex with another guy for my video...and because they were both broke! I don't make the guys ACT gay, I like to capture the raw pursuit, and foreplay that makes them comfortable with each other. They expect to get orders of what to do. (If they're just following orders, then it's OK in their minds, so...I give them orders ) They were both pretty nervous, and Vince has more voice impressions than some comedians, but hard dicks don't lie, and he was hard as a rock! In fact, he was hard before anything even happened, and he pulled out his raging hardon to prove it. There was so much foreplay to get to the fucking, that Vince almost shot when Brady started sucking him! There were so many "first times" in this video! First time getting sucked by another guy, first time fucking, first time getting fucked, first time getting sucked, and of course...first time in front of a camera for all! Enjoy!

Scene 2: Josh & Gavin Shye

Josh had his first experience with a guy a few weeks back with a Helping Hand video, and when he told me that he wanted to try more, I was VERY excited. Josh said he would try "pretty much anything, but nothing in the ass". I said, "Fine, I have the perfect guy in mind". When I asked Gavin if he'd get fucked by a straight guy I thought he was going to jump through the phone. He didn't know that it was Josh's first time fucking a guy until I told him on camera. I could tell he was really holding back, and he told me later that he couldn't believe he got to do that! It doesn't take much to get Josh hard, and keep him hard, and today was NO exception to that. Josh was hard as a rock and ready to go from the start, and Gavin was more than ready to please. Gavin stays totally hard while Josh is fucking him, and I love his dick flopping against his stomach while he's riding cowboy style. Josh said, "I'm gonna cum soon", and Gavin jumped right down in front for his facial! He doesn't stop there, and shoots a nice big load while he sucks Josh totally dry! OMG, this is SO HOT.
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