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BG East Wrestling Joe Robbins vs Rio Garza

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DescriptionThe fans have spoken, and the response is overwhelming: "breathtakingly beautiful," "a Greek God" and "a dream come true" are just a few of the phrases fans have used to describe Rio in emails and on the fan forums. Prolific poster Tad Brown perhaps summarized it best, rating Rio a "bonafide superstar" before waxing poetic about his "world class pecs" which reminded Tad of some of his most favorite BGEast scenes: blond bodybuilder Troy Baker's meaty pecs "shaking and jiggling" as Vinny Trevino pounded him in the corner on Tag Team Torture 3; Dom Zaccaro stomping ultrahunk Brad Rochelle's chest mercilessly on Demolition 3. But while Rio's phenomenal physique has made him a fan favorite, it also makes him a target for every other wrestler on roster looking to ride the wave of attention that comes with pummeling a prettyboy beyond all sense of reason.

"Rio Garza, Rookie of the Year!?!" With three impressive performances of his own in 2009, Big Joe naturally assumed the honor was his. He hits the ring seething with palpable resentment even before the first punch. If envy is a green-eyed monster, Joe is it's avatar: 240 pounds of animus and enmity. Rio flexes reflexively, an easy act that undoubtedly reduces most people to awe-struck admiration. Joe's not most people. "Is that supposed to impress me?" he taunts before flexing his much bigger body. A pose-off leads to a test of strength. Rio gives it all he's got, his cover-model body tensing and straining, inexperienced but already aware the outcome of a match often turns on the simple psychology of muscle on muscle. In a blink, he's on his knees, grunting as Joe floors him.

A moment later Rio's on top. But a toothy smile proves that Big Joe's just toying with the latino stud star. He pushes back and effortlessly breaks the lock up into a front headlock. A desperation fueled rush gives Rio the strength to drive the bigger man back-first into the turnbuckles, but a crushing forearm smashes him to the mat before he can complete his attack. Repeated exposing yank-ups by the back of his trunks hoists the hunk for harder and harder shots, the will to rally oozing out of Rio's battered bod with each punishing blow. And a long-held hangman hold, Rio's muscular physique arched and displayed over Joe's back, forces not one, not two, but three eager admissions of submission!

Overwhelmed and writhing, Rio's in over his head. Joe takes a moment to bask in the light of his superior power until Rio weakly rises. Once he does, Joe scoops him up and drives him down with one of the hardest bodyslams we've ever seen, reducing Mr. Rookie of the Year to rank rolling and gutteral groaning. Helpless, Rio's arms hang limp as Big Joe effortlessly holds him in position and arrogantly flexes again, the prettyboy obviously already beaten. Rio knows it, too, moaning, "No more," hoisted over his dominator's shoulder as Joe makes him wait, dreading the inevitable slam that's coming. Rio hits the mat and bounces, suffering and selling with an abject engagement not seen since Brad bumped around the ring in own legendary beatings. A third heavy bodyslam renders Rio ripe for a knee-to-battered back rear chinlock and a two-falls-in-a-row defeat. But far from satisfied with a mere dominating squash job victory, Big Joe's just getting started! OMG!

"You don't even deserve to be wearing trunks in a ring," Joe sneers, adding, "You're just a prettyboy," before stripping the helpless hunk down to a butt-baring red thong. Fear forces Rio to retaliate. He clips Joe's knee while he flexes in the mirror, then strips the bigger man down to a thong of his own. Big mistake! As far as Joe's concerned, Rio's an underwear model who deserves to be exposed and displayed, but he's a "real wrestler," and gear is a point of pride. "Who do you think you are stripping me," he roars, driving his disgust home with bare-fist blows to Rio's rippling bread basket until he's gasping. A rolling bodyscissors takes Rio's breath away altogether, Joe deliberately grinding Rio's chest into the mat, hooking his leg for added crotch-split pain. Rio flops and flails, unwittingly swatting Joe's beefy butt, pawing at his huge thigh. But when Joe plants his hands and feet on the mat and pushes up, Rio's nearly naked body rising, spectacularly suspended in the air, his legs stiff and bared butt dimpling, the added bodyscissor leverage nearly cuts him in half, and he can't submit fast enough! Crushed, he tries to crawl out of the ring, but Joe cuts him off. "Where do you think you're going?" And it's bearhug hell for the hardbodied hunk as Joe unloads with more hugs and more variety than we've ever captured in one match: rear bearhugs both standing and on the mat, an over the shoulder heimlich body-vice backbreaker variation, and repeated traditional face-to-face, bulge-to-bulge bear hugs with Joe hefting the hunk off his feet only to drive him down into the mat and then hoisting him again! For added degradation, Joe forces Rio to flex and gaze at his own reflection of perfection as he squeezes the life out of him. Lifting suspended double pec claws punctuate the punishment and are a preview of things to come, and the parting image of Rio's nearly naked body quivering on the mat with one foot stripped of its boot and sock is the ultimate image of the jobber hunk destroyed. Iconic! Classic BG East!
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