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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-02-09 |

Some of the best clips from the site. Hot str8 college boys turned out!

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Apples & Balls

What’s with these dorm parties now a day, they are getting crazier by the week. This latest submission has everything from bobbing for apples, to a stripper pole, to blindfolded blow jobs. That’s right, I said apples. All those boys were celebrating a birthday party for one of the guys girlfriend. Later more friends show up and the dancing and bobbing got underway. Everybody is having a gay old time when all of a sudden, the girlfriends decide to give the boys BJs. Naturally everybody else is asked to leave the room, only to come back in the middle of the sucking and jump in. Did I mention that the boys getting blown are blindfolded. Let me tell you, these girls are borderline evil. Unless you love getting your cock sucked by another dude, and who doesn’t, which in that case these girls are sent from heaven.

Double Up

It seems like beer pong is the national sport for dorm rooms, and why not. They are fun, they get you drunk, and now they fill you up with cum. This party gets out of hand almost right away. We have this two young college guys hanging among gay guys and hot chicks for the sake of a party. Once the girls leave to go get more boose, the straight guys are left alone with the gay guys, and thats when things get a little bit interesting. Lets just say that the straight guys are not the same guys anymore. lol lol

Good Times

This is exactly what happens to a group of guys that are BORED as hell, in a dorm room, with no plans for the future. Im sure all of you been there before. When everything fails, and even your girlfriend doesnt wanna do anything with you, then all you have to do is suggest a Dutch Rotor. If you dont know what that is, here is the 411 on that. Is when you hold your own dick, like if you are gonna jerk off, but one of your buddys grabs your arm and moves it for you. That is totally cool, and NOT GAY. Did I forget to mention that this guys are all super horny as fuck, because after the dutch rotor didnt work, they moved on to a full on hand job, and that pretty much got the balls rolling for.... Well, U know. Lets just say that all of the guys busted a nut happily ever after.

Naked Treats

This video gave me a hot and strange vibe. I think when it was made, it wasn’t made to be sent to us. I will let you decide for sure. An artist is working on his final project for a college drawing class. Now, he is obviously fantastic. You can see some of the random drawings he was working on around and on his desk. Only one problem. His assignment is to draw the nude male form and he hasn’t been able to do it. He does what we all do when we need a nude male artist to come to our home so we can draw him. He puts out an ad for a guy with good physique to get drawn for twenty bucks. Meanwhile, two of artist boys girlfriends are over trying to get him to go to the club, and not being cooperative. Finally, they figure out what hes doing and decide to say there. Whole thing seems a little screwy to me…seems like these girls are getting off on things a little much by the end. So the guy arrives, and is clearly hot, well built…but most of all…gay. At least I think so anyway. One thing leads to another, and the girls start instigating naughty things. Then of course the problem comes where there needs to be an erection. I believe that the artist has been at least bi curious for some time having watched this. By the end of the video, he is literally full on fucking the model missionary style while his girl friends up in there with the camera. Something tells me that there are a lot more girls reading what I write here today than I can imagine. Hello Ladies. In a nutshell, cute artist boy, cute model boy, abs, dick sucking and fucking. Word.

Say Cheese

I can totally relate to this one. In college my roommate was HOT. And I mean HOT. I would have given my left nut to fuck him. So when I started checking this one out, I was immediately intrigued. First, I was puzzled because the cameras never move. I was a little hesitant about picking it at first because I couldn’t see everything…the cameras of which we get to see 2 angles from, appear to be hidden. And then I realized, there was a damn good reason. Gay boy has a straight roommate who’s hot and hung. In a slightly strange twist of events, gay boys best girlfriend is over and they have a plan. A hidden camera plan. Best girl friend is going to help gay boy get straight roommate. You see, it appears that straight roommate has a thing for best girl friend, and everyone knows it. Straight roommate is out drinking, when he gets a call to come back to the dorm for more drinks. After awhile, best girl friend has basically gotten the straight boy naked, and after more talking than I would ever do, she convinces straight boy to get a BJ, from gay roommate. Mark one up on the board for the gays tonight. Check this one out.
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