Street Kids (1983)

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Christopher Rage's Street Kids

Live Video Inc., HIS Video, Spunk Video

Year: 1983

Duration: 67 minutes

Director: Christopher Rage

Cast: Johnny Rivera, Derrick Lehto, Tyler Nichols, Piper, Rocky A., Tony Michaels, Eddie Ortiz, Danny Connors, Colon Topar, Scorpio, Rick Peters, Tharon Davis, Stan Walters, Phillip Scott, Christopher Rage


Nasty hustling street toughs will do anything to make a buck...including you, and each other!

If you're into "average looking" guys and a nice mix of Latino interracial flayva, then this will get you looking for a few extra bucks around the house to throw at a nice piece of trade. Not great, but some good tough stuff nonetheless.

From the liner notes:
"Over the years, Christopher Rage has "discovered" his fair share of studs. Now he shares with you the sexual secrets and fulfilled fantasies of his biggest stars. The tales are as varied as the tellers - and all of them are hot."

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