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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2008-11-21 |

Chi Chi LaRue goes for the big dicks and a little bit of sleaze in this one, and, as we all know, that's a winning combination. Wordlessly, we are introduced to the men, who prowl around a dank, dark sex club wearing jocks.

In the opener, two incredibly sexy men, Geoffrey Paine and Jason Longh, go at like a pair of sex-starved satyrs, and Jason impresses as a power bottom to reckon with. Jason slobbers over Geoffrey's massive cock first, getting it slimy and ready to fuck, but first Geoffrey has slobbering of his own to do, over Jason's tight, furry ass. But the true acme of this scene is reached when the fuck begins, a long, intense, sweaty coupling that leaves both studs spent and purring like a couple of jungle cats.

A row of lockers painted black is the backdrop for a hook-up between Vin Costes and Josh West, and talk about your machos, these guys reek of male hormone -- and it's an intoxicating scent. Going nose to nose, you can almost imagine that they're smelling it too, as they seem to vie for power while they get warmed up. Hot kisses, shown in close up, make the heat rise considerably, and so does Vin's thick meat, which fills Josh's mouth to bursting. Not that this scene needs further enhancement, but then enters Mr. Hazzard himself, the ever-watchable Johnny. He dives on Josh's uncut cock, working the foreskin back and forth over the fat head as Vin waits his turn. The suckfest is on, and every man gets his shot at the hot cocks available. Johnny's hot ass also gets its share of oral action, as does Josh's, and then Johnny bends over to be plowed by the other two studs, one after the other. Vin's thick meat, in particular, looks like it could split Johnny in half, but of course he takes it like a pro, and the scene ends with big cum-shots from all three dudes.

Brodie Newport and Aron Ridge waste no time getting into it -- or, more accurately, Aron wastes no time getting into Brodie's taut asshole with his tongue. Aron eats that ass like he's starving for it, and by the time he's done, it's dripping wet. Johnny walks in on this scene too, kissing Brodie while Aron does his work. Then Aron slides into Brodie from behind, and Brodie gets into it, bucking his hips and taking every hot inch of Aron's big cock. Aron pounds away at it until he shoots, sending his load all over Brodie's lean body.

Johnny, still on the hunt, bags the biggest game there is, beefy stud Vinnie D'Angelo. The two men kiss, lick, and undress each other in a stairwell, and Vinnie's big pecs, with their big, round, nipples, get lots of camera time as Johnny goes down on him. Vinnie gives as good as he gets, getting Johnny's dick hard and throbbing with his mouth, and then Johnny plants his asshole right on Vinnie's face for a tongue ride. Vinnie fucks Johnny from behind (with Johnny showing off remarkable flexibility, spreading his legs wide, jerking his cock until he blows a load), and the scene ends with Vinnie shooting his load, the camera angle making him look like the Colossus of Rhodes.

A DVD Review by Martin Cox ( hxxp://ManNet.com )

*** Highly Recommended ***


Johhny Hazzard ( hxxp://www.HazzardXXX.com )
Aron Ridge ( hxxp://smutjunkies.com/profiles/r/i_stars/Ridge_Aron )
Brodie Newport ( hxxp://profile.myspace.com/brodienewport )
Geoffrey Paine ( hxxp://geoffreypaine.blogspot.com )
Jason Longh ( hxxp://myspace.com/jasonlongh )
Josh West ( hxxp://bigmuscle.com/82063 )
Vin Costes ( hxxp://smutjunkies.com/profiles/c/o_stars/Costes_Vin )
Vinnie D'Angelo ( hxxp://www.VinnieDAngelo.com )

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