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TitanMen- Triage

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DescriptionTitanMen- Triage

Hunky Dr. Dirk Jager would rather look at orderly Marco Blaze than his X-rays and one flash of his sexy smile is all it takes for the two to embrace in a good steamy kiss. With their muscular chests exposed, Dirk's hand wanders to Marco's bubble butt. Marco falls to his knees to repeatedly deep throat Dirk, working up a wet mess as his own huge cock throbs in excitement. Dirk delivers a face fuck to Marco and then returns the favor, the vein in his neck bulging as he opens wide to take Marco's super-thick slab as spit drips to the floor. Marco grabs on to Dirk’s hair and plows his mouth before kissing him.

Marco then bends over the exam table and opens his ass for Dr. Jager's pleasure. The bottom's muscular ass ripples with each thrust of Dirk's dick, which catches the attention of turned-on latecomers Rick van Sant and Frank Philipp. The two suck each other while watching the action. As Dirk fucks faster, Marco gets on his back for more, his masculine grunts filling the room. Rick then wants his chance inside Marco, changing the tempo with a slower slide before Frank gets his turn. As Dirk feeds his cock to Marco, Frank jacks off the bottom’s huge cock until it fires off a hot squirt. After Dirk and Rick unload on Marco's chest, Frank fires off a big wad that lands on Marco's balls and thigh, which is now caked with glistening cum.

Beefy and bearded Gio Forte aims for bigger things while busting his balls as a hospital janitor. While cleaning the floors, he can't control his urge any longer and pisses into his bucket. After relieving himself, he leans against the table and whips out his super-stiff shaft and rubs his hairy body, spitting down on his cock as he strokes. Muscular Dr. Kurt Weber walks in, smiling as he stares at the stud. Kurt moves closer to get his hands on Gio's dick and gets his own huge pecs rubbed in return. Kurt drops down to suck the verbal Gio, who whips his throbbing cock and tight balls over Kurt before face fucking him: "Choke on it!" The passionate duo kisses before Kurt gets his back to the wall for a tongue bath from Gio, who offers deep and wet service. More kissing follows as their cocks graze against each other. Soon, Gio unleashes an unforgettable 2-in-1 cumshot for the ages, his huge load followed by an even bigger squirt that flies into the air.

Kurt now buries his face into Gio's hairy hole before fucking him from behind over a chair, their hairy legs rubbing against each other. Kurt then bends over for some manly medicine, hugging the table edges as he gets a stiff shot. The bottom gets on his back as Gio grunts with each forceful thrust, the top continuously rubbing his bud's body as he fucks him. Gio bends down to lick Kurt's chest and kiss him, the two staring at each other as the fuck gets faster — causing Kurt's muscular pecs to bounce. The two finally unleash another round of loads (including one more gusher from Gio) to end this chemistry-packed pairing.

Back in the exam room, Frank Philipp's balls are itching. With the help of Marco Blaze, he sets up a saline drip and injects the tube into the fleshy base of his balls. Marco watches, playing with his foreskin and showing off his massive tool which repeatedly throbs on its own while his balls twitch in excitement. Frank's sac soon reaches melon-like proportions, the skin stretched to the limit. Rick van Sant joins the fun, taking part in a side-by-side steel rod urethra fuck with Frank. The two get the sounds to disappear, and Frank's rod repeatedly pops up before he slides in back down in an impressive display. His balls still swollen, Frank soon uses two sounds at once in a hot double pee-hole penetration. Rick then gets on his back and opens up his hole for a back-and-forth fisting session. Marco and Frank take turns sliding their fists in and out of Rick's hungry hole, the bottom jacking his big boner as he gets fucked. Rick gets off the table and crouches down for more, with Frank's hairy forearm getting a workout. Rick fires off his load as he gets fisted, with Frank and Marco dumping their cum on him.

As muscular Daniel Holden sleeps in the break room, Bryan Slater (a smooth and lighter skinned hunk) and Charly Diaz (a dark, handsome stud) decide to play doctor. Diaz drops to his knees, and the huge cock that pops out of Bryan's pants is a stunner. Big, thick and straight, the rock-hard slab finds a welcome hole in Charly's mouth. Bryan takes off his shirt to reveal an amazingly ripped body, his defined muscles bursting out of his skin and killer veins popping out of his biceps. The two frequently kiss and grind on each other, and Bryan sucks on Charly's stiffy before bending over for a tongue fuck. The slurp sounds awaken Daniel, who joins in the sucking - with a great side shot catching Bryan's throbbing boner before the three jack off.

Daniel then situates himself between his buds, sucking Bryan while getting eaten and fucked by Charly. Bryan then drops down on his back, opening his ass for Daniel in a steamy fuck chain. Bryan then shows off his versatility, fucking Daniel in some memorable one-on-one action. Daniel moans in painful pleasure, his face grimacing as he gasps for air while Bryan slowly slides his meat inside. The hung top takes it slow and steady at first, breaking in the bottom with a balls-deep fuck that gets faster and faster. Charly then gets his turn inside Daniel again, the bottom jacking off as he's fucked before the two tops bust their nuts — including a big stream from Bryan and a hot wad from Charly that lands on Daniel's nuts.

While stocking up in the supply room, fireman Colton Steele playfully wraps a bandage around Tony Buff. "You don't wanna play with me, kid," smiles the sexy Tony, who soon kisses the hairy Southern cutie. Colton licks Tony's buff body, working his way down to his huge cock. Tony immediately exerts his control, keeping his strong hands on Colton's head and neck to guide him while offering calm demands and encouragement. The pleaser works up Tony's huge shaft and big balls, jacking his own boner while sucking him. Tony constantly puts his hand under Colton's chin, making him look up as they gaze into each other's eyes before kissing. Colton gets back to sucking, and the two let go of their first loads, with Colton firing onto Tony's leg.

Tony then preps Colton for an unforgettable submission procedure. He wraps him up in bandages from neck to ankles. The bottom surrenders control, an immobile mummy at his master's mercy. The top cuts a hole to release Colton's cock and balls, teasing his student's stiff shaft and attaching a leather ring to his balls — later chaining it to a bucket that pulls on Colton's sac. Tony then inserts a catheter down Colton's urethra and injects some fluid, getting him to piss in the bucket. Tony also unloads a big stream of piss before letting his subject loose — then dominates Colton's ass with his tongue and cock. Tony works up a sweat as he pounds the hard bottom in a variety of positions before they come again - with Tony getting a huge cum trajectory over Colton's bod."

Starring:  Marco Blaze, Tony Buff, Dirk Jager, Rick Van Sant, Charly Diaz, Gio Forte, Daniel Holden, Frank Philipp, Bryan Slater, Colton Steele, Kurt Weber
Director:  Paul Wilde
Country:  US
Length: 3:44:00
Year: 2009
Studio :  TitanMen
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