Catalina - Black Force (1988)

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Black Force
distributor Catalina Video released 1988 length 80
category Interracial
studio Catalina Video
rating out of 4 ***
produced ?
body types White, Black
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director Freddy Murphy
editor Max Dolby
Sam Deliloh
music Souvineer
postproduction supervisor Chet Thomas
producer Hal Baxter
screenplay Hal Baxter
videography Freddy Murphy
writer Hal Baxter
performer role
Cory Jacobson guard
Danny Young (80s) warden
Dave Robertson prisoner Corelli
Jeremy Scott prisoner
Michael Polk guard
Randy Cochran prisoner Carruthers
Richard Harrison (bl) prisoner
Tom Katt (Thom) prisoner
Tony Mason prisoner
Ty Jones prisoner
source: promotional material
A new film from the talents of director Edward James. The ultimate adventure of men in black.
"New Releases" Studflix Vol. 6 No. 6 Oct. 1988 pg. 16 (Review)
scenes /
loops /
source: Gay Erotic Video Index
1. Jeremy Scott OgrAb, Ty Jones OrgAt
Ty Jones and Jeremy Scott in a bathroom at a low security prison. Two urinals are visible and Scott does some acrobatics on them, standing on the rims and sitting down on Ty's cocks and gets fucked from underneath as Ty stands against the wall.
found in compilation Glory Hole of Fame 1

2. Danny Young (80s) OrgAt, Randy Cochran OgrAb
Warden Danny Young introduces Corey Jacobson to his new job as guard but gets interrupted by a Senator who wants inmates for a party. Frustrated and horny Danny calls inmate Carruthers (Randy Cochran) in to service him.

3. Tom Katt (Thom) OrgAtb, Tony Mason OgrAb, Richard Harrison (bl) OrAt, Cory Jacobson solo
3 prisoners on work duty with Cory Jacobson guarding them. With Richard Harrison disposing of a disgusting lunch, Tony Mason complains that he need sex every day and can't get any being in prison. Thom Katt tells him to release the pressure by jacking off and then joins in himself as Cory watches. The two start to assist each other with their stiffies and things get more personal from there. Richard returns and seeing the action taunts the guard before pulling out his own huge uncut log and joining in the oral action. Tony bends over for Thom and then Thom takes Richard doggie style.

4. Michael Polk OrAt, Dave Robertson OgAb
Cory confides to Michael Polk that the sex between the prisoners is getting to you. Michael says that he has joined in and that it is all natural. Michael enters a room with Corelli (Dave Robertson) and another (blonde, unidentified) prisoner. Blonde excuses himself and then Cory commands Dave to service him. With a big chocolate log up his ass Dave lets loose a gusher but Polk's small cum shot was barely caught. After all the abusive talk by Polk, Dave says it's the best he's done and Polk admits he's starting to like it.

5. Cory Jacobson OrAt, Richard Harrison (bl) OgAb
Richard Harrison is showering and his trim ebony body is covered with soap when he turns around to find Cory watching him. Cory commands the naked Richard to help undress him. Naked he instructs Richard to help wash him. Cory says he has decided to accept the way things are and Richard starts the transformation by sucking Cory. Richard leans against the wall for an ass reaming but also gets in on all fours and on his back.
found in compilation Catalina's Black Gold

action notes:
O=Oral; A=Anal; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;
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