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I aired Markham's G:hOle video first because I thought it would add a little extra spice to the glory hole video if we had an "unknown" player in the video.

So this is his actual solo shot the day before. Now we get to learn more about this red-pubed, uber pale, and scarified boy.

Markham likes girls who are fair-skinned and red-haired like him. He sheepishly admits that he must be vain, 'cuz he pretty much digs girls that have his features.

He does really like girls, but he is one of those TRUE exhibitionist that really excel at porn 'cuz it flat out turns him on.

He loves showing off no matter who is watching.  He might not want to interact with a dude, but it turns him on if someone, male or female,  is aroused by him.

Markham does cam shows. No I don't know where he does it, but it sounded like he does it for free. Like he randomly gets on any number of cam exchanges shows and puts on a show for anyone.

He does use a strange alias when on cam, which even he had trouble spelling, so I don't know if you could even do a web search on him.  We stuck to a simpler name for his video work on

He definitely has a different look, and fans of ginger pubes will be very happy.

But I  think most viewers will be happy to watch his solo, because you can really tell, that being filmed and "watched" turns him on!
2021-11-13 16:06:52
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