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Andrew Stark (Ty) for Corbin Fisher (nearly complete collection)

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DescriptionAndrew Stark performed for Corbin Fisher in 2009, when he was smooth-faced and 23 years old. His stage name was Ty.
Two scenes of him are hidden on the CF site nowadays (with Connor and with Dawson).
He also has a younger brother Daniel. They performed together in one scene and Daniel made also a solo scene.
Here's nearly complete collection of Ty's CF videos. Only 2 bi scenes are missing.


AGE 23
EYES Brown
HEIGHT 6' 2"
WEIGHT 170 lbs
HAIR Brown
BUILD Swimmer
COCK 7.5" Cut

With two of our newest horniest, and most sexually energetic guys here at CF, the ingredients were in place for a scorcher! That's definitely what we got, as well! Cole and Ty waste no time getting into some deep, intense making out and are all over one another from the very start! Not only were they clearly into having some fun and getting off with one another, but both of these guys are just thoroughly and totally into sex and of itself so neither holds anything back here!

There was so much action between the two, in fact, that this video is a two-parter! In the first is all of the hot foreplay, with the second being full of all the hot fucking (as well as some extra footage of the guys in the shower after they both got off). As for the foreplay, it's as deep and intense as the kissing! The guys were really having fun with one another, and seeing Ty's dick gradually get harder and harder as Cole works it over with his mouth as the guys keep talking to each other and urging one another one was incredibly hot to film and watch! Cole looks like a man on a mission as he sucks Ty's dick and Ty looks like he couldn't possibly be enjoying it more. The only way Ty was able to get Cole off of his cock - or be willing to have him release it from his lips, for that matter - was to push him back on the bed and get on top of him so the two could make out and kiss some more.

Beyond the kissing, Ty clearly had a plan when he pulled Cole's mouth of his cock - he wanted to get Cole's dick in his own mouth! He promptly does just that, eliciting moans and groans and some great facial expressions out of Cole as he blows him! These guys are so expressive and into it that it was actually quite stressful filming this scene! I was convinced either of these two could blow their loads at any second and so was on edge making sure I'd be able to react in a split second and capture it on camera if that happened! Thankfully, they manage to hold out - likely 'cause they both know there's some fucking in store, and neither wanted to miss out on that!

If the kissing and sucking weren't intense enough, Cole really goes to town rimming Ty's ass and driving Ty wild in the process!

"Does that feel good?", Cole asks Ty between tongue-ing, sucking and slapping his ass. Obviously, it was a rhetorical question as Ty's pants and moans and writhing around on the bed made it pretty obvious it felt damn good already! Were it not for the fact that they had some fucking to look forward to, they probably could have gone on for hours with Cole eating out Ty's hole!

I love being able to watch a guy slowly slide his cock into another's ass and Cole and Ty give us a great view of that as they start to fuck. With each of them moaning their approval, Cole's dick is soon balls-deep in Ty's hole as he prepared to start pumping and thrusting. Tight and defined, Cole's body is looking hotter than ever as he thrusts in and out and we see every muscle flex in the process.

I have to confess - I sometimes find the old "slap the bottom's ass while you're fucking 'em" thing to be a bit cliche and usually have to refrain from giggling a bit (if not cringing) when I see it. But these two seem to really enjoy it! Cole slapped Ty's ass early on, while rimming him, and got quite the response out of Ty when he did it. With Ty on his hands and knees, getting fucked from behind by Cole, he's actually asking Cole to keep slapping him and thoroughly getting off on it every time Cole does! They're really doing all they can to not only be as intense with one another as possible, but also as playful!

If there was any doubt Ty was totally loving Cole's dick in his ass, that's long gone by the time we see Ty sitting on Cole's cock as Cole pumps up into him. His big dick is as hard as could be! As they move over on to their sides, they do all they can to make sure Cole's dick stays deep in Ty's ass - neither wanting the fucking to stop.

By now, it's totally clear we're going to see at least one of these guys spraying a load soon! Sure enough, Ty's the first one to blow! You can see Ty get that look on his face and he's then totally overcome with a powerful orgasm that has him writhing and bouncing all over - and Cole looks like he enjoys it as much as Ty!

When you get a hot fuck like this, someone has to end up with a face covered in cum! Ty happily ends up that way for us, as Cole fires off a massive load all over his face and into his mouth and, again, Ty looks like he enjoyed Cole's orgasm as much as Cole did!

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AGE 19
EYES Hazel
HEIGHT 5' 11"
WEIGHT 155 lbs
HAIR Brown
BUILD Swimmer
COCK 7.5" Cut
SHOE 10.5

Even without my having mentioned it, anyone could have seen Daniel's first solo video on ACM and realized he's Ty's brother. Not only do they look quite similar, but their voices and mannerisms are, as far as I'm concerned, practically identical! In fact, it's been a source of confusion for me quite a few times! Try talking to either of these guys on the phone and figuring out which one you're actually speaking to! I'm convinced, actually, that they've had fun at my expense at least a couple of times - one pretending to be the other while I'm talking to him on the phone, laughing to themselves while fooling me into thinking I'm talking to his brother.

As much as they have in common, they have at least one stark difference, especially as it relates to CF! While Ty is the sexually adventurous and experienced older brother who has engaged in all manner of wild sexual exploits (much of which we've gotten to film and share here at CF), Daniel is a virgin and has yet to actually have full on sex. Certainly, it's not on account of a lack of opportunity. He's a hot guy and has plenty of girls (and guys, probably) after him at any given time. He's just yet to choose to take things that far with anyone and is holding out for awhile.

That difference between them is where the idea for this video came about! Knowing Ty was open and eager sexually and up for all kinds of things, and Daniel was holding out for a bit, I couldn't help but wonder what a Teasing video would be like with them. Just the prospect of having an older brother fuck a girl right there in front of his younger brother was, on the one hand, incredibly... incredibly... incredibly naughty! I felt guilty for even having thought of it! It's also, though, incredibly hot! It could be a very difficult think to pull off with most pairs of brothers, I'd imagine, but Daniel and Ty are so thoroughly comfortable with and around one another that they actually seemed they'd be the perfect pair to try this out with. If there was ever an opportunity to do this, this was it!

You simply have to see them as this video kicks off. It's a lot of fun seeing their mannerisms as the cameras get rolling and seeing how they interact with one another. There's a bit of nervous tension that's quite apparent and obvious, yet also just a very laid back, fun, and relaxed atmosphere as well. They're incredibly comfortable around one another and that obviously was very necessary here. Imagine being in either of their shoes!

The main question going through my head while filming this was, "Either they're both totally freaked out by what's taking place, or totally turned on by it." It was one of two extremes, as far as I could imagine. However, I think neither actually had to be the case with these two. I think they're so thoroughly comfortable with and around one another that the whole brother factor didn't matter as much to either of them as it did for me while watching and filming it. If either was freaked out, it was because one was getting to fuck a girl silly while another guy was right there on the bed, inches away, jerking off and watching. Being turned on by it likewise was a result of one having sex up close and directly in front of the other while the latter was also naked, providing an audience, and beating off. They're buddies and friends as much as they are brothers, and so those dynamics were just as prominent.

Don't get me wrong, though. The brother factor was clearly at play for both of them as well. If you're Ty, you damn well know you're going to do a good job, put on a hot show, and demonstrate how it's done when your little brother is watching! You're the older sibling! You have to perform and make an impression; show him how it's done and prove you are indeed the stud you've likely bragged about being to your brother in the past! If you're Daniel, you can't help but be a bit envious while seeing your older brother in action, studying it all to learn some tricks, looking comfortable, at ease, and into it enough to make it clear you could do just as well if the tables were turned, and hold your own (pardon the pun!).

So, who's the first one to blow their load? What are the finite details of how things play out? You'll have to watch the video to find all that out. You'll also have to be sure to see Part 2 of this video - the outtakes shot during filming and the post-sex shower included. It reveals so much more about how well these two get along, how much they have in common, and what this experience was like for them!

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ACM0661 - Ty (solo)

4/6/2009  24m


ACM0687 - Ty's First Time (+Travis)

5/28/2009  23m


ACM0702 - Fucking Ty (+Connor)


(not available online)

ACM0713 - Cole Fucks Ty

7/28/2009  15m


ACM0728 - Ty Fucks Austin

9/1/2009  13m


ACM0732 - Fucking Kenny (+Ty)

9/10/2009  27m


ACM0744 - Dawson Fucks Ty


(not available online)

ACM0749 - Elijah Fucks Ty

10/20/2009  24m


ACM0755 - Ty Fucks Greg

11/3/2009  19m


ACM0759 - Ty & Travis' Flip Flop

11/12/2009  20m


ACM0764 - Ty Fucks Trey

11/24/2009  17m


ACM0773 - Bryan Fucks Ty

12/15/2009  23m


ACM0709 - Daniel (solo)



Missing scenes:

ACS0191 - Ty & Bailey

5/1/2009  15m


ACS0212 - Teasing Daniel (+Ty)

8/7/2009  15m


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