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Original upload: 2014-03-30 |
Brian is back after 2 yeas in California, working as a personal
trainer.  He's 28 years old, straight, lean and muscular, and
when he tells us that he's about to become a dad, Rich just
had to get a taste of the daddy juice.  When he tells us he
hasn't had sex since he left his girlfriend in California four
weeks ago, or jerked off in 5 days, Rich couldn't wait to get
started.  With his "donor" fully restrained, he works his cock
until it's rock hard and he's right on the edge, and Rich is
satisfied he's worked up a nice big load.  Then he starts to
lick and suck, very slowly, almost suckling on daddy's dick. 
Rich is very hungry and determined, and soon Brian grunts,
moans and surrenders his load to Rich's insisting mouth.
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