secret tapes aka The Mueller Tapes 1960s/early 1970s

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A naughty student and his professor discuss homosexuality while watching footage of hot studs going at it. If you ever wondered what tricks your professors had up their sleeves then this one's for you! Enjoy!
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A shaggy-haired young man named Mr. Benson visits Professor Mueller, who is studying the variations of the homosexual male, to interview him about his work. To demonstrate his discoveries, the professor shows the young man loops that illustrate what he’s describing.

Professor Mueller introduces the first couple, who he describes simply as men who like to have sex with one another.

The couple consists of two smooth-chested young brunets, one who wears a leather-armband with fringe tied around his biceps, the other who wears a long gold necklace. They writhe around, kissing, on a waterbed that is covered with a star-flecked bedspread. The one in the gold necklace then fucks himself with a dildo (scat fans will like this one, as he clearly didn’t clean up before this scene). Gold necklace then sucks his friend, then rides his cock briefly. Then he returns to sucking him and rimming him. Leather armband then jacks himself off and his friend licks up his cum.

Mr. Benson next asks if gay men defecate from sexual pleasure and Professor Mueller says no, instructing him to watch two college boys who he observed through a two-way mirror.

This couple consists of two sandy brunets, one of whom appears older than the other. The setting is a bed with a paneled wood headboard, and a yellow bedspread. They kiss, then twist into a 69, the younger sucking the older’s cock, the older sucking and rimming the younger. The younger fucks the older with a slim vibrator, then a larger dildo, then the older takes a ride on the younger’s cock. The older then fucks the younger with the vibrator and dildo. Finally, the younger jerks the older to climax.

Professor Mueller next introduces a cross-dressing sex scene.

3.2. In Drag 

This scene is in black and white, probably filmed in the 1960s, with a dark-haired man with bushy black hair and dramatically-sculpted eyebrows and a drag queen in a blond flip wig. They enter an apartment and tumble onto a Murphy bed that they pull out of the wall. The dark-haired man feigns surprise when he finds out the drag queen is a man, but seems to go with it and sucks the queen’s uncut cock. The dark-haired man strips and gets his cock sucked too, then he fucks the queen face down on the bed, cumming in the queen’s ass crack.
The film titles listed for this scene comes from Gay Erotica from the Past 5.
found in compilation Gay Erotica from the Past 5

The next variation Professor Mueller introduces is one he describes as being an S&M scene.

This scene is set on the same bed as used in Scene 2b. Here, a cute young blond with a bowl-cut throws a cute brunet, whose hands are bound behind his back and whose mouth is covered with a gag, onto the bed and pulls off his pants. He sucks the brunet’s always-limp dick, then force-feeds him his own very small cock. Then he flips him over, fucks him with the vibrator used in the second scene, then briefly fucks him with his small cock. The blond then unties the brunet and bends over on all fours. The brunet fucks the blond with the vibrator, then the blond sucks the brunet’s cock again. The brunet then fucks the blond missionary-style, then face first in the pillows, and he finally cums on the blond’s back.

Mr. Benson asks the professor if gay men prefer S&M, and the professor answers that they do not, instead simply preferring oral and anal sex. After the following scene ends, we return to Mr. Benson, asking just how many variations there of sex between gay men, and Professor Mueller suggests he join him inside so he can show him. They head inside and Professor Mueller turns to the camera and gives it a wink.
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