Str8hell – Oliver Hruby – SPANKING

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Description Oliver Hruby is a very hot guy. He is bound and gagged and wearing a jockstrap as he struggles to free himself. He is quickly joined by his tormentor who starts to feel Oliver;s hot body and sexy ass. The hands squeeze the ass cheeks and then spank them as Oliver moans. A knee in his back holds him in place as his ass gets some good, hard spanking. Then his ass cheeks are spread too, showing off his tight hole. The jockstrap, is pulled up into his ass crack before being pulled down. that sexy ass looks so good as the cheeks are really spread side. His cheeks get spanked hard as he moans and struggles. Then a whip is used on it too. His hot hole is rubbed and soon a finger is shoved deep inside as Oliver bucks and writhes. His tight hole gets a good, deep, fingering and then he is spanked some more. The finger really works his hot oil, aided by oil that is dripped onto the ass. With the hole loosened two fingers go in and really stretch it. As he struggles against the fingers they come out and that hot ass gets more spanking. Then a dildo is shoved into Oliver’s ass and he takes it all the way. It fucks him deep before being removed and he is spanked again. Then he is turned over and clothes pins applied to his balls as his cock rests above them. I pin is attached to the cock too and then to the nipples as well as Oliver keeps moaning. With the pins removed his big cock is wanked hard and quickly dumps a huge, cum load all over his hot body.
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