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♺ Rascal/C1R - Jacked to Vegas (wmv)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-06-12 |
2000, 86 min

A.K.A.: Chi Chi LaRue's Jacked to Vegas

Studio :  Channel 1 Releasing, Rascal Video

Cast:  Kyle Kennedy, Julian Pierce, Nino Bacci, Patrick Allen, Shane Bailey, Emilio DiMedici, Jason Hawke, Mason Jarr, Doug Jeffries, Jeremy Tucker, Spike, Nick Yeager

Director:  Chi Chi LaRue

Non-Sexual:  Mistress Mona, Chi Chi LaRue


Scene pic's are available at www.tlavideo.com/gay-jacked-to-vegas/p-129429-3

The film opens with Kennedy (who looks like Marky Mark's kid brother) getting it on with Pierce (whose chubby dangler is a sight to behold). These two suck, rim and bang their way into your hearts with a passion and animalistic intensity that really gets the ball(s) rolling. As a grand finale, Julian glazes Kennedy's chin with his thick load of cock-cream.

Next, Chi Chi waits impatiently as dark-haired yummies Bacci and Hawke do their own version of the horizontal tango. Though not as hot as the first scene, these two are really nice to look at. Fans of uncut pieces will want to give this scene their undivided attention.

After that, it's all aboard the smut express. Chi Chi appears to be possessed by the spirit of drag legend Divine as she seizes control of her pornmobile and hits the dusty trail en route to Sin City. Chi Chi loads the bus, demands that everyone take their clothes off, and lets the spooge fly. There's too much going on to describe everything in accurate detail, but suffice it to say that it's very good stuff. Huge noodles are everywhere, and though there's no actual buttsex in this sequence, the action is frenzied and red-hot. Highlights include the delectable Jarr getting his hairy hang-low and bum eaten, and Tucker having his ebony tool spit-shined.

In the meantime, young Kennedy hitchhikes his way to Vegas, and ends up at the infamous Computer Electronics Show, where Chi Chi is working the crowd. Kennedy ends up meeting Spike (having a horrific hair day) who invites him to stop by his crib for a little "sumpin-sumpin." Next thing you know, Kennedy and Spike are sucking each other's huge members like dicks are going out of style. If you've ever seen Spike before, you can see how he earned his nickname - his tallywhacker is off the charts.

After Kennedy attempts to take Spike's meat sword down the gullet, Spike returns the favor. Kennedy then squats down on Spike's spike, and you can practically feel it as every last inch (and there are many!) slowly goes in. After some spirited shtupping and a two-fisted jerk-off, Spike finally shoots his steaming load - nearly two feet! - onto Kennedy?s chest.

With its excellent camerawork, gorgeous cast and plenty of vehicular sexiness, Chi Chi?s Jacked to Vegas hits the jackpot.

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