FSB - Damien Chapter 2 Basement Meet-Up 1080p

Daddies / Sons
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Cain Marko and Damien Grey
Mr. Marko’s newest client Damien called for the muscular daddy plumber to check the pipes for a leak in the basement. And as an expert concerned with careful inspection of his job sites, Mr. Marko covered every square foot. The basement was large, though, and so the inspection took some time and effort.

Mr. Marko decided after about an hour or so that it was due time for a break. He grabbed his thermos and took a nice long drink of the cool, refreshing water. Just a moment later, young Damien appeared. He looked up at the tall, burly DILF and made no attempt to hide his attraction and desire. Why should he? They’d done this song and dance before—Damien knew Mr. Marko was well versed in dealing with pipes.

The sweet twink inquired if he could join Mr. Marko during his break. The plumber smiled widely and happily acquiesced. Damien stood on his tip-toes, wrapped his arms around Mr. Marko’s broad shoulders and kissed him. It took everything the big daddy had not to tear the tiny twink’s clothes off right then and there.

Mr. Marko almost couldn’t believe how quickly he had recovered from their last encounter less than two hours ago. Ever since they fucked in the boy’s bedroom, Mr. Marko’s mind was clouded by lust over Damien’s perfect bubble-butt. The hot plumber wanted nothing more than to massage that boy’s ass with his huge hands and bury his tongue as far into the smooth, tight fuck-tunnel as it would go.

Damien’s long, slender fingers nimbly unbuttoned Mr. Marko’s coveralls and then roamed freely all over the giant handyman’s furry, barn-sized chest. This caress instantly caused Mr. Marko’s cock to ache with familiar lust. Damien sensed this; he dropped to his knees and kissed the precum-soaked underwear.

For his part, Damien could not get enough of Mr. Marko’s mountainous body. The way that the beefy plumber towered over him riled the twink’s excitement. Damien’s cock stiffened immediately when Mr. Marko gave his ass a squeeze with those giant hands. Within seconds, their underwear were thrown off to the side.

Damien was so turned on and horny at this point. He yearned to feel Mr. Marko deep inside of him. He wanted to ride that enormous cock bad; once was simply not enough! But before he could share that thought, Mr. Marko shared his own. He wanted to try something new¬Ö something different from their last encounter.

The burly handyman laid down right on the basement floor and instructed the little twink to sit on his face. This, Damien did with no hesitation. He absolutely adored being ordered around, and how Mr. Marko was able to push his entire tongue into his hungry boy hole.

Once Mr. Marko had his fill of Damien’s sweet, delicious love tunnel, the extra small hottie wasted no time sinking down on the giant cock. Mr. Marko was amazed by how his well-hung member was able to get all the way inside of Damien’s itty-bitty ass. The twink gasped and got wide-eyed once Marko bottomed out—but once he did, there was no going back.

Damien and Mr. Marko spent the entire afternoon fucking in every position that they could think of. And as much as the hot plumber daddy would have liked to have kept fucking Damien well into the evening and all night, he knew that he was going to cum soon.

Mr. Marko wrapped his enormous hands around Damien’s tiny waist and gave one last, powerful thrust. Damien was almost bowled over by how massive the cum shots were, and how many! Mr. Marko’s stamina drained completely after such a mind-blowing climax. He collapsed, exhausted, but lovingly, over Damien and held the sweet twink to his mammoth chest.

Damien was in pure heaven. He absolutely loved how Mr. Marko enveloped him, and could think of little else. Damien knew he was going to have to come up with a clever excuse to get Mr. Marko to check his pipes far more often¬Ö!

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