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TitanMen - Package

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DescriptionYou know you wanna open it. ItÂ’s hiding a surprise, waiting for you to bust it out. And a doorbell ring with a special delivery is all it takes. Join these TitanMen as they initiate a scorching chain of events when they show off their Package. Deliveryman Matthew Bosch has more than one gift for horndog Hunter Marx, who gives the wannabe porn star an instant audition heÂ’ll never forget. Fully uniformed cop Dirk Caber sniffs the fresh smell sex off husband MatthewÂ’s bod, so he shows him whoÂ’s boss by fucking the hell out of his holes. A spit-dripping oral encounter between Hunter and Max Sargent is interrupted by alpha officer Dirk, who throws his dick in the mix in an arresting three-way."

3 Reasons To Buy This Film

Fans of buff and bearded bods will wanna tear right into it.
Very cool stealthy Steadicam shots up the ante on the action.
Who wouldn't invite a deliveryman that looked like Matthew Bosch into their home?

"Lounging outside, Hunter strokes his cock, which pulses as he licks his hand. He squeezes it inside his trunks to greet deliveryman Matthew Bosch, whose own bulge catches HunterÂ’s attention. The uniformed stud sees HunterÂ’s movies in the box: "I thought you looked familiar! IÂ’ve always fantasized about doing porn." Hunter gives him an instant audition, pulling Matthew close for a kiss, their foreheads touching as they rub each otherÂ’s bods. Hunter works up MatthewÂ’s dick, teasing the foreskin before trying to take it deep. The breathless sucker moans "Fuck!" as he comes up for air, spit dripping from his beard. Matthew sucks Hunter back, spit sliding from his mouth to the shaft and down HunterÂ’s sac. Hunter eats and spreads MatthewÂ’s furry hole before fucking him from behind, ass hairs clinging to his shaft. Matthew sits down on Hunter, then fucks him back before taking it again, Hunter dumping his wad on the bottomÂ’s pubes and sac.

Policeman Dirk comes home to find husband Matthew stroking his monster while watching HunterÂ’s porn. Dirk gets on his knees to worship MatthewÂ’s meat, engulfing his balls. "You havenÂ’t showered, have you?" asks Dirk as he takes a whiff. "You smell damn good... how much of thatÂ’s you and how much of thatÂ’s him?" Dirk stands up and feeds Matthew, spit dripping to the floor. Dirk holds on to his head as he fuckÂ’s MatthewÂ’s face, his cock springing up when released from the suckerÂ’s mouth. The two eat each other out, Dirk rubbing his stubbly head all over MatthewÂ’s ass. Dirk rams him from behind, the bottomÂ’s ass quivering. Matthew sits down on the top and rides, his massive boner bobbing up and down, then in a circle in a hot sequence. "Those your balls banging on me?" asks Dirk. "ThatÂ’s awesome!" Matthew gets on his back as Dirk holds his legs wide, the two soon squirting as the bottom moans "Come all over me!"

On the deck, Max feasts on HunterÂ’s steel rod, breathing heavy from excitement as spit slides down the shaft. Max stands and feeds Hunter, who snaps his own dick up as he sucks. Officer Dirk stumbles upon the scene and ushers them inside. "Down on your knees," he tells Max, making him suck Hunter. Dirk works up the bulge in his pants, a wet spot seeping through as he tastes the precum off his finger. Dirk whips his cock out and feeds Max, who sucks the studs back and forth as they kiss above him. Dirk feeds his precum to Hunter, who soon drops down to suck alongside Max. Dirk then sucks them both, repeatedly snapping up both of their boners at the same time: "Fuck yeah!" The three kiss as their dicks poke each other, Dirk then eating Hunter before fucking him. "Back to me! Fuck my cock" yells Dirk as Hunter slides back on it. Max sits on Hunter as Dirk stuffs HunterÂ’s mouth. Hunter rams DirkÂ’s hole ("I love that! Fucking feeling you, every inch!"), the bottom soon covered in all three of their loads
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