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Stratght Men In Trouble

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DescriptionHanging there in just the tattered remnants of his clothes, the young man

is terrified, wondering what this crazy man will do to him once he is

fully exposed.  The masked man cuts off the remainder of his trousers,

revealing the young man's muscular form looking so sexy in his clean,

briefs.  Then, with painfully slow precision, as if to drag out

his torment, the masked man chips away at this last article of clothing with

his scissors as he twists and struggles, slowly exposing more and more of

his young manhood, fondling it as he goes to insure that his cock is

sporting a humiliating erection when fully exposed.  Then he leaves the

muscle man, bound, naked and erect, fearing what's in store as he

struggles in his rope

Alex in Military Bound - Part 1-3.wmv
Anthony In Trouble.wmv
Bad Cop  -  Spanking a Patrol Officer - Part 1-3.wmv
Bank Bailout Payback - Part 1-5.wmv
Basement Terror - Part 1-3.wmv
Bo In Trouble - Part 1-2.wmv
Bound and Abandoned - Part 1-2.wmv
Brothers Spanked  - Part 1-6.wmv
Buffed Bound Soldier - Part 1-3.wmv
Celtic Stud - Part 1-5.wmv
Cheater Get Disciplined - Part 1-3.wmv
Chris and Scott - Part 1-3.wmv
Competitive Body Builder In Trouble.wmv
Cowboy  - Part 1-3.wmv
David In Trouble - Part 1-3.wmv
Drunk, Erect and In Trouble.wmv
Eric In Trouble - Part 1-2.wmv
First Audition - Jake- Part 1-3.wmv
Football Hero In Trouble.wmv
Forced Self Bondage.wmv
Franco In Trouble - Part 1-3.wmv
Guido In Trouble -Part 1-2.wmv
Hazed Jock Assault - Part 1-4.wmv
Hazed Jock In Trouble - Part 1-3.wmv
Hockey Player Tony - Part 1-2.wmv
Hockey Player's Rip Strip Humiliation - Part 1-2.wmv
Home Style Rip Strip & Jerk - Part 1-3.wmv
Homophobe in Trouble.wmv
J. B. - Part 1-2.wmv
John In Trouble - Part 1-3.wmv
Justin Taped to Bench - Part 1-3.wmv
Late Night Encounter.wmv
Locker Room Abuse - Part 1-3.wmv
Luke In Trouble - Part 1-3.wmv
Mark In Trouble.wmv
Mentored Soccer Player - Part 1-2.wmv
Michael in Trouble.wmv
Mike's Terrifying Encounter.wmv
Mixed Martial Arts Fighter - Part 1-4.wmv
Muscle Frat Stud - Part 1-5.wmv
Muscle Man Anthony - Part 1-2.wmv
Muscle Man Bound at the Gym.wmv
Muscle Man Spanked at the Gym - Part 1-3.wmv
Muscle Rip and Strip - Part 1-2.wmv
Muscle Trooper - Part 1-3.wmv
Muscled Boy - Part 1-2.wmv
Muscular Executive Rip Strip  - Part 1-2.wmv
Nordic Hero - Part 1-3.wmv
Officer Franco Ripped & Stripped - Part 1-5.wmv
Officer Lex Luga - Part 1-3.wmv
Payback Is A Bitch - Part 1-4.wmv
Please Don't Hurt Me - Part 1-2.wmv
Police Officer in Kilt Stripped, Jerked and Spanked. Part 1-6.wmv
Police Officer Ripped & Stripped -  Part 1-3.wmv
Pool Room Prank - Part 1-3.wmv
Preppy Stud Punished  - Part 1-3.wmv
Prince Enchanting - Part 1-3.wmv
Prodigal Son - Part 1-5.wmv
Rado Viker - SESSION STILLS.wmv
Ralph in Trouble.wmv
Repair Man - Naked and Milked.wmv
Rip Stripped Jock.wmv
Ronny - Part 1-4.wmv
Sculpted Muscle Adam - Part 1-3.wmv
Seth In Dress Slacks - Part 1-2.wmv
Shaun In Trouble.wmv
Shower Assault - Part 1-6.wmv
Smooth Young Hunk.wmv
Sobbing Soccer Player - Part 1-2.wmv
Spanking an Officer's Partner - Part 1-2.wmv
Spanking Super Hero Rocket Boy - Part 1-2.wmv
Strip Workout -  Part 1-6.wmv
Stripped & Oiled - Part 1-3.wmv
Stripped Dildoed and Jerked Off - Part 1-3.wmv
Stripped, Jerked & Fucked In The Barn - Part 1-4.wmv
Suited Jr. Executive  - Part 1-2.wmv
Superhero Marionette -  Part 1-4.wmv
Superhero Stripped & Man Handled.wmv
Superhero Stripped and Jerked Part 1-3.wmv
The Boxer - Part 1-5.wmv
The Coach Takes Control - Part 1-3.wmv
The Landscaper.wmv
The Wrestler - Part 1-6.wmv
Trooper In Trouble.wmv
Trouble with the Boss - Employee Jerk Off.wmv
Tuxedo Strip Reveals Embarrassing Hard On.wmv
Web Cam Nightmare.wmv
Young Banking Executives Nightmare - Part 1-3.wmv

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