TwinkAcademy - COMPLETE Damian Brooke-Fordham and Michael Edwardes !

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DescriptionFinally the whole story!

Spy on hung twinks Damian and Michael in their dorm room as they undress and masturbate.

One day, Damian walks in to see Michael masturbating to a picture of his girlfriend. So he fucks him hard with his gigantic cock, as his bubble ass  bounces with every thrust.

Their files are included.

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damianmichael08a.rmvb 28.9mb
damianmichael08b.rmvb 34.4mb
damianmichael08c.rmvb 19.4mb
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damianmichael10.rmvb 15.0mb
damianmichael11.rmvb 34.8mb
damianmichael12a.rmvb 20.1mb
damianmichael12b.rmvb 30.7mb
damianmichael12c.rmvb 23.5mb
damianmichael13.rmvb 19.4mb
michaeledwardes1.png 494kb
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michaeledwardes3.png 779kb
michaeledwardes4.png 784kb
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