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Wrestler Spotlight: Kid Karisma v Gabriel Ross

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DescriptionGabriel Ross, for the 3 BG East fans who don't know, is an angelic, British ballet bombshell who has taken erotic wrestling to entirely new levels on both sides of the pond. Guys are literally lining up (both in the US and the UK) to get their hands on this beautiful muscleboy's recently reinvented and now totally beefcake body. To say he's in high demand is a ludicrous understatement. His dance card is filled for months at a time. But when BG East's resident red-headed, musclebound, bad boy invited Britain's top erotic talent down to the 'grotto' for a session on the BG East mats, Gabriel was more than willing to make room in his schedule for a quickie to the states to face Kid Karisma.

It took several months of emailing and phone calls, syncing busy schedules, and a lot of hot trash talk to get these two hot hunks together. The gear was Kid Karisma's choice: sexy extra low-cut sling singlets with roomy pouches to accommodate both studs' ample packages, leaving plenty of room for potential expansion, and with straps readily accessible for choking and/or easy removal!. Just steps into the mat room, and they already can't keep their hands off each other. Not that we'd want them to!

"I look pretty damn good, don't you think?" Kid Karisma asks, flexing his guns and fishing for compliments. When Gabriel flexes right back at him, Karisma gives the Brit's mountains of muscle an appreciative stroke. "Not bad! I can work with that." The attraction is quite obviously mutual as they slide their hands up and down one another's sculpted torsos. Gabriel leans in close, his lips a breath away from his opponent's open mouth.

The instant sexual tension gives way, momentarily to playful shoving, which is a transparent ploy for both boys to get their hands on each other's pecs. "Little fiery British guy, huh? Trying to invade this country?" Kid Karisma chuckles, suddenly slamming Gabriel to his back. He leans in to feel the Brit's bulging body some more, but is abruptly stopped cold as Gabriel's gargantuan legs snap shut around his waist and begin to squeeze.

Karisma chuckles at first. Then gasps in shocked suprise. Then his freckled face flushes dark red as he grimaces, visibly suffering in the agonizing torture. "They're not long, but they're strong!" he admits through gritted teeth. With ease, the American impressively picks his opponent up, still latched to his waist, and tries to counter with a bearhug, but Gabriel is going nowhere. The angelic Brit coos and whispers seductively into Kid Karisma's face, which is twisted in agony. Fighting against the blinding pain, Karisma steals the opportunity to squeeze Gabriel's hot, muscled ass. (Who wouldn't?) Playful laughter is punctuated with grunts of pain and groans of pleasure. Punishment and passion.

Two of the hottest bodies in erotic wrestling are bound to endlessly turn one another (and you) on, but don't think for a moment that these two are here to play paddycake. These are two extensively experienced and accomplished wrestlers, both of whom are well-known for nursing a hardcore lust for serious competition - and domination. Kid Karisma lifts his opponent up off his feet, but the acrobatic Brit dives up and over Karisma's back, snapping those mammoth thighs around his opponent's temples and squeezing out a truly stunning suspended headscissors submission that brings Kid Karisma to his knees!

"Those legs!" Kid Karisma gasps, recovering after the submission and struggling to comprehend the power Gabriel can unleash with those tree trunks. Another man might decide to stay clear of those dangerous weapons, but not Kid Karisma. "God save the queen, huh?" he chuckles. "Let's get some more of those legs!"

Karisma returns the favor with a submission-wrenching headscissors. They trade breath-stealing bearhugs and slam one another's bodies into the floor, the walls, and each other. With crotch claws, chokeholds, and mouthwatering pec torture, they dole out precise doses of pain, each grimace and groan quite clearly adding fuel to the erotic tension burning between them. Clinches turn into groping, and then morph back again into joint-wrenching wrestling holds and a brutal battle for physical domination.

Schoolboy-pinning the Brit, Kid Karisma leans back and flexes, letting Gabriel's eager hands explore his granite-carved torso. The mutual appreciation is blindingly intense. The American stretches his sweaty body across his opponent as his lips explore the Brit's neck. "Have to save that for later," he mutters, suddenly dragging Gabriel up to his feet for another burst of muscle dominating wrestling. Punishment first, passion later!

No fewer than 9 fantastically long, excruciating, agonizing submissions unfold, repeatedly punctuated with more mutual muscle admiration, but who's keeping count? Crotches grind into one another, lips hungrily explore, and sweat-soaked, transparent singlets are wedged high up between two of the hottest asses in the business. The real drama here is how long these two gorgeous studs will keep wrestling before they finally give into mutual lust!
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