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DescriptionIn this download you will find a Seriously Smooth and Seriously Sexy 18 year old sharing 2 different sessions with us. The  reasons his sessions are standouts and worth sharing is the slightly amusing obsession he has with cleanliness. It became obvious to me when I found his first session that this Teen was in an unfortunate war of attrition between his propensity to make a bigger mess than most vs his need to not make a mess. When he shared his second session I realized the first clip was not a one off. I decided to merge the two clips to share with you all at

I tacked on a bonus clip of a different 18 year old's session simply because - well - I think it rocks. I believe his dick is as hard as i have ever seen! More points are awarded because he has what I call the "Bralilian Curve" that is very common among their men, but even more extreme than most. I guess I might be a minority that can claim a serious fetish for this type curve. I'm not really sure where I developed this fascination but perhaps there is a great represses memory of a past life I had in Rio or Sanpaolo!.


This menagerie is SURE to be a hit with all lovers of smooth, fresh twinks that have just begun what we hope is years of their contributions to our collections. If you liked this, let me know with a like please. That's all I ask. Don't sweat a seed bonus. Knowing that this is the type of Twinks you want to see - or NOT - helps for next one.
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