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Manplay 17

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DescriptionStarring: Jacob Slader (a.k.a. Ethan Richards), Cory Koons, Jude, Pete Ross, Enrique, Brunno Storni, Scott, Alex, BrettManplay #017, like the earlier editions, is a three-ring circus of salacity, with so much going on at any given moment that you hardly know where to look first. The two-camera shooting process and the superb editing, however, help to focus and guide you through the lubricious labyrinth. What separates one entry of the series from another, of course, is the herd of men hired for each cast, and a rundown of the #017 gang – five of whom are outrageously inspired, the other four merely terrific – will give you a sense of what to expect from this latest cyclone of sweat, spit and semen.

Here, the unit set consists of a series of bright red platforms that suggest an altar to some lecherous deity, and the first person to walk onto it is a tall, lean, elaborately tattooed man in his 30s. He is preceded by his uncut, airborne erection, and his name is Jacob [Slader]. He is the quintessential top, and although he is an expert face-fucker, his main interest is in assholes. He rims and fucks with an almost primal urgency, and as the action shifts from one configuration to another, he manages at one time or another to jab his way into the sphincters of at least four of the men present. He is merciless in his sudden insertions and equally ruthless in his invasive, double-time drilling. Clearly, fucking is serious business to him, and consideration of his partners, a foreign concept.
The second most interesting satyr is a tall, dirty blond with fuzzy thighs, calves and crotch. His name is Brett, and he is the only one present who proves to be versatile. Early in the proceedings, he demonstrates his effortless deep-throat skills on several of the others, burying his nose deep into one field of pubes after another. It is not long, though, before he shifts to fucking, a sport in which he is particularly gifted, no matter which position he plays, and before the evening is over, he has topped three of the others and bottomed for two. He has an expressive face and a totally lickerish body over which he seems to have total control. He is also the only one who delivers three money shots during the course of this 98-minute melee.

There are three major candidates for Mr. Pig Bottom of the Night, but for our money, the winner is a platinum blond, baby-faced cherub whose angelic countenance is at odds with the number of piercings and the degree of sexual extravagance he has already acquired in his young life. His name is Pete [Ross], and he literally hurtles himself into each sex act, at all times attempting to keep his every orifice filled and always on the lookout for the next challenge. He is as sexually obsessed as anyone present, sucking every cock in sight, deep-throating most of them and all the while exhorting his partners to greater heights (or depths). But what he's really good at is taking it up the ass, and he manages to get himself ravished by every top in the house. He comes twice while plugged and rarely leaves himself any down time before searching out his next partner(s).

The two runners-up for Pig Bottom are a darkly handsome Hispanic named Enrique and a pale Oriental named Cory [Koons], both of whom seem to have anal canals lined with asbestos. Both show a fondness for their own cocks, always keeping their shafts firmly in hand, no matter what they are doing or what is being done to them. Jacob is the first to penetrate Cory's raw, red hole but not the last, and the kid's eventual money shot, later drilled out of him by Brett, is impressive. Enrique, on the other hand, gets the medal for marathon bottoming – during the first half of the film, he serves as eager receptacle to anyone who wanders near his hole. He is an aggressive bottom with a fine, dark stubble, a limber physique, ass-flesh that quivers with each new penetration and a glint in his eyes that clearly boasts, "I can take anything you have to give." He ultimately delivers his money shot sitting on Pete's face, driven to orgasm by a superb spate of tongue-fucking.
Two other second-level tops also help to keep the pig bottoms occupied. One, another tall, lean brunet who is easy to confuse with Jacob in the long shots, can be distinguished from him by a navel piercing and far fewer tattoos. His name is Brunno [Storni], and he is the classic example of still waters running deep. He watches the proceedings like a spider in his web, leisurely stroking himself and playing with his lengthy sheaf of foreskin, waiting for the moment to pounce. But when he does, he comes to life with such potency and stamina that his prey hardly knows what hit him. The other top is a furry-chested older man with a sunburst tattoo who is billed as Scott. Like most of the others, he kisses, sucks and rims with veteran skill but obviously lives for the anal action, and his finest moment is a messy splatter shot all over Pete's hungry face.

Two others, a brunet with Fu Man-Chu facial hair named Jude and a pale-faced ectomorph named Alex, round out the cast, but both tend to remain peripheral to the proceedings and consequently are given little screen time.

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