Team Players

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DescriptionAndy Dill,  Brad Davis,  Dereck Hanson,  Hunter Jame,  J.D. Kollin,  Jacob Slader,  Manuel Torres,  Pete Ross,  Tan Bender

It's Hot. The guys are all out on the sweltering field. Tension mounts. Sweat beads and turns to tiny rivers, following the topography of straining muscles. Hair glistens. The crown roars! It's summer at the ball park, and guys are doing the things guys do......

1. But wait! Are all jocks like this? Bodies bulging with musculature? Testosterone exuding from every pore? Cocks engorged as they painfully strain to escape their tight jock straps? Asses primed for drilling? And what is happening in the dugout? As our film begins, the ballpark is packed with people, with two teams playing on the field. In the dugout another ball game is going on--nine guys, cocks out, sucking each other off in full view of hundreds of California sports fans! That's right--we took a risk and filmed an entire scene in broad daylight--half a dozen oral cum shots included--at a public event in full view of everyone around! As more and more people caught on to what we were doing, the atmosphere became so charged that it practically set off an earthquake! Only in California!!!! This may be the hottest public sex scene of all time--certainly one for the record books (thankfully, not the police record books!!!).

2. In another scene, we check out Blond boy turned sex pig Pete Ross in an award-quality scene with RSS exclusive JD Kollin. You saw both of these hot young men in Hot Properties (our summer smash hit co-produced with Adam Male), but this is their first pairing together. Both guys enjoy a frenzy fuck--a furtive exploration into forbidden lust. The tension builds as each worries about being caught by the team coach (played by notorious Andy Dill). They take shelter in the team equipment room way down in the hidden corner of the stadium. Privacy assured, cocks stand at attention and Pete's pink hole is ably filled by JD's personal equipment. Take it from us--this scene is one of the greats!

3. Manuel Torres, Hunter James
Meanwhile, on the other side of the club house, Manuel Torres is undressing in the locker room. In walks Hunter James, a young sports jock with his own amazing bat. Manuel, also worried about being caught with his pants down, is a bit nervous, but Hunter's huge cock is too much bait to ignore. Manuel--one of the great stars in modern porn--goes down for a blow job that is in itself a study in all-male sexuality. HOT! HOT!! HOT!!

4. Manuel Torres, Dereck Hanson
After Hunter sprays his cum, Manuel gets back to his work. Teammate Derrick Hanson comes in and before long Manuel is rock hard, focused exclusively on Derrick's young, perfect ass. Derrick knows how to keep Manuel going--show him (and us) his hole!!! Director Chris Ward takes great pride in this scene, commenting, "This was one of the easiest scenes I have ever shot--the chemistry between these men was so strong that all we had to do was point and shoot! Derrick is going to be one of the hottest new stars of 2005, and Manuel Torres once again proved to be one of Raging Stallion's best exclusive players! This is fucking at its best!" What more needs to be said?
5. As the team ends another day of practice, Jacob Slader loads a car with bats and balls, joined by newcomer (and former ballet dancer) Tan Bender. The two set off to deliver the team's equipment for an away game. But you know how it is when you get two young sex-starved studs out on the country roads! As expected in this kind of movie, the two take a wrong turn and end up in the middle of a country meadow, storm clouds lurking on the horizon. But what are they going to do about their biggest problem--two rock hard cocks that need to be tamed?
Multiple Choice:
A. They ignore the pain in the pants and drive on, frustrated and miserable.
B. They scream at each other until their cocks cower in fear and shrink.
C. They stop and fuck each other until the sun sets.
Answer: C

6. Tan Bender, in his first role, really shows his might, his hole huge and open, his hips double jointed or something!!! He really knows how to show off for the camera--and what is better than a bottom being plowed with a huge hard cock while he keeps his hard-on the whole time? And then he cums while being fucked. An don't forget that Jacob Slader is one of the best fuckers in the biz--he plows like Michael Brandon and delivers deep!

7. Finally we come to the training room finale, a 4-way that starts as an excellent 2-way between coach Andy Dill and Catcher Brad Davis (this is his RETURN to porn after a several year hiatus). He is young, huge, and horny! These guys go at it 110%, grunting and sweating and fucking and get the point. Lets put it this way--a bench press machine has never been put to better use!

Enter Hunter James and Jacob Slader and the grand finale sets one for the record books! This Team knows how to Play!
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