Triga - Rugby Orgy Reboot 18

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Rugby Orgy: Reboot 18 is a brand new version of the classic Triga film - a two hour rebooted and re-edited take of the Triga original sports classic. This film scores a drop kick with a fuck off orgy session after a game of rugby. Remember wanking off to Hull Kingston Rovers - well this Triga fuck fest takes it a lot fucking further. Watch as the lads get their balls out, shower and fuck each other senseless. Watch as the tattooed blonde lad in his stinking mud stained yellow socks gets it up his arsehole while the scrum half gets his sweaty hole rammed nice and hard. Meanwhile another up an under is on the go as the fit ref gets his tight arse banged by various members of the rugby team. There's so much spunk dribbling down his face he can hardly see the ball! Then there is the fit skinhead with his best mate doing weights after the game. His bird can wait as its time to score a conversion or a penalty try up his tight hole. What the fuck - these fit horny lads are dripping cum as they can't suck cock fast enough! There's plenty to choose from here as this film is Triga at its best - real British blokes in rugby kit getting steamed up and into the team spirit. Twickenham won't be the same after watching this!

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2018-10-17 23:45:18
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