♺ [Control T] Student Body Control (Vintage Spanking)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-10-20 |
STUDENT BODY CONTROL: “No, I’m not kidding, ass-wipe. I don’t need your parents permission to beat your ass. You either drop your jeans and your little white jockey-panties, and take a good firm ass-spanking like a big boy, or your gonna end up in some junior college back in Podunk, Nowhere. Yeah, that’s a good boy...spread those hairless butt cheeks real wide so the old Dean can see your little pink slit while I blister those cherry ass cheeks. Now hold on while I get my beatin’ paddle. That’s a good boy, you just have a good cry while I rub your blistered butt...Hey punk!, your dick’s drippin’ on my good slacks!”

Let me know if you like these. More coming if you do....

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