♺ BG Enterprise - Jockstrap Wrestling 22 - Bout 3: Robbie Cardenas vs Kevin Bennett

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-05-16 |
JOCKSTRAP WRESTLING 22 BOUT 3: KEVIN BENNETT VS. ROBBIE CARDENAS / REFEREE: BUDDY JUSTICE. As the referee, Buddy admonishes the grapplers to wrestle in “real freestyle”, and they do, while at the same time taking ass slap shots when they can. Kevin wears one of those jocks where his cock keeps slipping outside. Robbie wears a full black jock. Robbie wins the first fall with a scissors. In the second fall jockstrap stripping happens fast, and nude wrestling proceeds. You will see the referee starting to interfere with the wrestlers when one does something dirty. Dirty abounds, as you will see with cock pulling among other nefarious activities. Kevin wins this fall. In the 3rd fall lots of biting happens between the wrestlers. The ref does not like this kind of activity and is continually pulling one wrestler off another. Ultimately the ref battles both grapplers at once, defeats them, and makes them promise to wrestle more cleanly. The wrestlers are exhausted, cannot continue. Kevin and Robbie lay side by side. When Kevin attempts to get Robbie hard, Robbie laughs and says, “it tickles”. But ultimately he does get Robbie hard. Kevin cums on Robbie and the video ends.

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