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DescriptionA Long Distracted Edging

Tom is 25 years old, straight, edgy and always horny,
and Rich has him tied securely to the rack for an edging. 
Unfortunately for Tom though, Rich seems more focused
on his cell than on poor Tom's long, aching cock.  He looks
at Rich pleadingly and keeps asking for permission to cum,
but Rich's distracted stroking keeps the young man aroused,
but not enough to cum.  Rich downloads updates to his phone,
and makes Tom wait for his reward, continuing to stroke and
frustrate him while his cock grows longer and harder.  When
Rich finally finishes him off Tom arches his back, grunts and
shoots a big, thick load onto his chest.

Straight Guy Loves Nipple Play

Jose is 23 years old, straight and sexy young and today he's
going to get his first handjob from a man.  He has a lean,
muscular body with a nice, uncut dick and a shy, sexy demeanor.
He seems a little nervous being with a man, but when Rich starts
sucking on his nipples he starts to become very aroused.  He rubs
Rich's back, strokes his head and puts his arm around him to pull
him closer, completely forgetting he's with an old man.  After denying
permission once, Rich tells him he can cum with a slow stroke.  When he
cums, he shoots a thick load onto his abs and chest.  The scene got so
hot that Rich actually forgot to tie him up, but you probably won't care.

Two Steps Forward - One Step Back

Rich uses a pocket pussy and a stop and go stroke to drive
Tony crazy, tormenting the muscular, straight stud as it inches
him slowly to orgasm.  Rich strips him down and fondles his
hard, naked body before tying him to a bar stool and uses a
slow, gentle stroke until he's rock hard, gasping and panting
with pleasure.  Then he uses the pocket pussy, giving 15
strokes, a brief pause, then repeat, over and over, moving
him by inches as he struggles to go over the edge.  Finally,
he asks for permission, stiffens his body, grunts and moans
and shoots a huge load high into he air.

Jose's Slow Teasing Hand Job

Scott has sexy, 23 year old Spanish guy Jose tied to a chair
for a slow teasing handjob.  His uncut cock is rock hard, his
balls are tight to his body, his lean, smooth, toned body is
tense.  When he cums without permission Scott torments
his sensitive, uncut head.

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