♺ GuyBone - Irish And Ryan Blow - 26th Nov 2012

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They got each other naked pretty quick, dicks raging hard, and started the suck fest. Ryan couldn't seem to take Irish's cock deep enough down his throat. Talk about insatiable!

The guys were too horny to take turns, so they 69'd for a bit. There's little I love more than watching a hot blow job, let alone two in simultaneous progress. Two hot, wet mouths, licking and sucking on stiff, throbbing dicks. Yum.

I had Irish sit on the footboard and Ryan got on his knees to pleasure his costar orally. He brought out the big guns, his trademark move, in which he rubs the head of the cock along his scruffy beard. Irish was moaning in delight at the feeling of all those little hairs prickling his prick. Then Ryan went a little further, rubbing Irish's shaft in his nest of dark, soft chest hair. I'm surprised Irish didn't cum on the spot.

The two wanted to try a position we hadn't yet seen, so Ryan sat on the nightstand, legs spread, and Irish knelt on the bed, dangling over the edge to suck Ryan's rock hard cock and lick his hairy balls. I loved hearing Ryan direct his costar to "deep throat that" - very hot when models are vocal.

When the two studs had sucked enough, Irish lay flat on his back and Ryan straddled him. Ryan bust a hot, thick load all over Irish's chest and stomach, which Irish quickly scooped up and used as lube to get himself off. He bust an impressive nut as well and the two collapsed in ecstasy.
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