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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-01-05 |
A collection of videos from xTube : anal, BB, cum inside holes, .....

****Important Staff Note: ******
This torrent will never be able to be 100%  successfully seeded.

This is due to the fact that the original uploader accidentally included the file "thumbs.db" in the torrent list...

And since Windows considers this archaic file to be a systems file, AND it's a constantly changing file,  it will NOT allow members to either upload or download that file, in the torrent.

Unfortunately, due to the design of torrents, the torrent data associated with this "system file" also straddles two other files in this torrent, which will never be able to be downloaded either.

Those two files are:  "xtube_video_30.avi"  and    "buenisimo.flv"

So... that being said, this is a defective torrent, and (as far as I understand) can never be downloaded or seeded, 100% successfully.  If you're willing to accept these shortcomings, DO download! ;-)
Added2015-11-10 01:04:44
Size797.39 MB (836,124,816 bytes)
Num files114 files