♺ BG Enterprise - Fantasy Oil Wrestling 2: Eric Evans vs Brent Banes (mp4)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-05-10

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Boys, the quality is from VHS..but so hot...

At the time this match was videotaped, Eric and Brent were lovers and the phase of their sexual involvement was at its height. These two hairy chested, big musclehunks, oiled up and erotically grappled sending shivers of sexual excitement down their individual spines and directly to their cocks. This wrestling match was more about erotic interaction than wrestling. Brent's hard-on stayed stiff as a steel pipe the whole video. For those who enjoy seeing lovers do their thing you can look forward to: kissing, armpit licking, assholes being bared, ass crack surfing, cocks shoved into mouths, and cocks being hand jacked, all during the wrestling portion of the video. Post-match, Brent fucks Eric. For those who enjoy verbal comments during sex, you will be pleased. Both go on to cum. Brent's shot is acc"cum"panied by one of the loudest sex grunting you have ever heard.

NOTE: This is a "barebacking" video. These two were lovers and did not, and would not, do the fuck scene with a condom.......................

(BG recommends that safe sex be employed at all times, including wearing a condom. Otherwise you are playing "Cock Roulette" - a form of "Russian Roulette" - a game of chance with your life as the stakes)

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