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BG East Ringwars 16 - Dick Rick vs Mike Pitt

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Young Mike is old-school babyface perfection. His look harkens back to the classic babyfaces of the 80's. Though still seeking his first win, his game performances against ever-punishing Bulldog Barzini and an exceptionally intense and brutal Donnie Drake garnered him both wrestlers' respect as well as plenty of one-to-watch attention. Respect isn't on Dick Rick's list of things that matter. An experienced and active pro on the indy circuit, his agenda is simple and direct: do as much damage as deep and dirty as fast as he can. And if his opponent goes down so hard he doesn't get up to wrestle again, well, his wreckshop mayhem will sell well enough to sustain the him until some new prettyboy punching bag or wannabe pro comes along. Dick hits the ring talking trash, displaying his spectacular physique and demanding "focus," even after a rude slap to the face. Mike doesn't back down, stepping perilously closer as Dick offers him some helpful "advice." Big mistake!

Sudden boots to the gut and big bodyblows begin Mike's biggest challenge yet. A blatant choke backs the rookie up. "I'm in the ropes," Mike insists, expecting the break. "The ropes don't save you today, baby," Dick spits with his standard "eff the rules" elan. Desperate and hurting, Mike modifies his gameplan, throwing forearms of his own. But as deliberately as Dick pushes boundaries and bends rules, he's always offended when his opponent dares dish out the same. A running forearm drop to the head and a hard fist to the face put young Mike on his back in the corner for boot chokes and brutal throat on rope raw aggression. Does sweet young Mike stand any chance?
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