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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-06-10 |
Guys freaking out with lust: A masked sex guerrilla dominates Lobo, licks his ass, fucks him nasty and shoves a dildo as thick as an arm into his hole. Logan and Tomas grab Hans and work him over with their hefty dicks. Fuck-freak Kayden has his ways with JP and thrusts his monster cock deep in both holes. Cute Fabio gets fucked by a sex machine. Angel rides the schlong of a hairy leather guy. Crazy about fucking, fucking like crazy!

Scene 1 - Kane O'Farrell & Lobo Bayard
Big boy Lobo decides to take a long piss on an armchair. Kane, a massive masked sex guerrilla is not happy about having his chair pissed on. He punishes Lobo by making him sit in his own piss and suck Kanes throbbing cock. Lobo knows how to suck dick, and he easily takes Kanes long tool. Kane greedily eats Lobo's ass before he rudely fucks him silly. His dick is not enough, so he grabs a huge dildo and tears up Lobos quivering hole. But wait, there's more! Lobo is required to impale himself on a giant traffic cone. (13 minutes)

Scene 2 - Tomas Brand, Hans Berlin & Logan Rogue
Jacked as a fuck mare on a cart Hans is heading towards Logan's twitching stiff cock with an open mouth. It disappears down Hans' throat. Hans gasps.

Next muscleman Tomas unpacks his dick which is even bigger and fatter. Hans gets both knobs stuffed in the mouth alternately. While Tomas is sucking Logan's cock, he fucks Hans in the ass. Finally, Logan and Tomas shoot their loads on Hans. One in the face, the other on the tits. (17 minutes)

Scene 3 - Kayden Gray & JP Dubois
Two sporty boys face each other and sparks fly immediately. A huge bulge emerges under Kayden's sweatpants. JP's mouth waters with lust. Kayden unpacks his cock offers it to be touched. Then JP kneels down and tries to push the monster cock as deep as possible down his struggling throat. Kayden drives it against him up to the base, but JP can take it. Then he gets JP to lick his ass out. Kayden returns the favour. With a licked open hole, JP can then easily sit down on Kayden's rod.

JP rides up and down and wanks Kayden's cock with his ass hole. Finally Kayden fucks JP in the sling before he eventually squirts his sauce in his mouth. (15 minutes)

Scene 4 - Adam Dacre & Fabio Lopez
Fabio is lead to a warehouse by his boy friend. There, a surprise is waiting for him: A muscular fucking stallion determined to give Fabio what he needs. Fabio is excited: His cock is already hard when Adam unwraps him. Fabio sticks his sweet ass towards Adam and he goes for it. He licks his hole and then he starts screwing, letting Fabio ride on his cock and even shoves a dildo with it. Fabio shoots his wad in a great arc. What a tremendous climax! (14 minutes)

Scene 5 - Angel Pedroza & Tom Wolfe
Warehouse worker Angel indulges in a break. He takes out his enormous cock for a wank. He dreams of a hairy muscle guy in leather. But he is not dreaming - the guy suddenly stands before him and pashes him! Before long Angel has a stiff cock in his mouth. Tom licks out Angel's tender ass as Angel's cock stands at attention; his hole is looking forward to the ride. Angel rides Tom's dick with relish. Tom fucks him hard and dribbles a powerful load on Angel's hairless chest. (16 minutes)

Hans Berlin, JP Dubois, Kane O’Farrell, Kayden Gray, Tomas Brand, Adam Dacre, Fabio Lopez, Lobo Bayard, Logan Rogue, Angel Pedroza, Tom Wolfe

Released: 2013
Runtime: 77 minutes

(above from promotional material)

Scenes 1 and 3:
  Video: MPEG-4 AVC, 640x480 (16:9), 25 f/s, Baseline@L3.0, ~1200 Kb/s
  Audio: AAC LC, stereo, 44.1 kHz sample rate, ~110 Kb/s VBR

Scenes 2, 4 and 5:
  Video: MPEG-4 AVC, 960x544 (16:9), 25 f/s, Baseline@L3.0, 2000 Kb/s
  Audio: AAC LC, stereo, 44.1 kHz sample rate, 128 Kb/s

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