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Baz - Set Designer:

Baz has been trying for a while to break into porn and he knows all too well how competitive and difficult it is for men to get any work. The only adult work he's had before was unpaid and the sucker was grateful that he was about to get a blow job out of it. So he's desperate to make a good impression with me and be paid a lot for being cast in a film. The only problem is he has a straight-man's fear of anything going up his arse. Macho Baz may refuse to be fucked, but I make damn sure that he displays his hole fully for me.

Baz has typical sexual tastes for a straight guy. He doesn't realize that by revealing how inflexible he is he seriously limits the amount of work he's going to be offered. I lead him to believe I'm going to indulge his sexual fantasies and allow him to make the porn he's always dreamed about. That way I can convince him to do anything I want later on.

Baz resented having to lay back and spread his arsehole for me. The proud hetero doesn't understand why this shot is necessary for his audition if he's just going to be having sex with women. I make it clear that he has to be comfortable showing any part of his body if he's going to be in porn. I left out the fact that the main reason I want to see him spread it is because I'm a pervy bastard.

This straight macho man has such an active sex drive he has to empty his balls a few times a day. But this test where he's filmed naked while performing is totally different from his normal wank. His performance here determines whether he can make his dreams of becoming a porn star come true.

Benjamin - Boxer:

Benjamin has a more natural relationship with the camera than almost anyone I’ve ever auditioned. He’s continually looking at the camera and playing up for it in a way that is equally cocky and charming. I was completely entranced by him because of his fantastically built hard boxer’s body, bewitching smile, really dark black skin and his massive hard cock. Although he’s a tough straight guy, Ben is willing to do just about anything if I’ll just “show him the money.”

Ben has a good rapport which makes him instantly endearing. Notice how his enthusiastic tone quickly drops as I go down my list of limits, but he stays positive because more than anything he’s in here to earn some cold hard cash.

As charming as I found chatting to this tough straight guy, I was also slightly intimidated because something about Ben seems slightly crazy. You have to watch out for boxers. They have the strength and hotheaded nature to blow up at anytime. It added an extra element of excitement while I scanned down his fantastically built muscular body.

Ben took his time stroking his cock while thumbing through the porn stash. He was like a kid in a candy store hunting out the scenes which turned him on the most. All the while I stared in amazement as this big buff boxer worked his dick up in front of me till it was very stiff and he sprayed white hot cum all over himself.

Fabio - Catering:

Fabio is a tough young tattooed punk who is in desperate need for some fast cash. He has a hard little tattooed body which, up until now, how been totally off-limits to other men. Growing up in a very macho culture, it would have been unthinkable to let a man examine his arsehole and then wank off while he watches. But this adamantly hetero sexy bit of rough has redrawn his limits for some quick cash.

Fabio only knows how to talk about what turns him on in the simplest terms: nice girls/big tits. Though he’s experienced lots and lots of sex, up until now he hasn’t stopped to think about what in particular really gives him the most satisfying orgasm imaginable. After spending some time on set he’ll learn more how to identify what really sends him over the top.

It doesn’t matter how much money he’s offered. For Fabio, his arse is a strict no-go area…. for now. After examining his tight dark hole in detail, the first time this area of his body has ever been closely examined and recorded, I’ve decided that he needs to be cast in a film where some gentle work can be done on his bum to ease him into pleasure he’s never even imagined possible.

Fabio spends a lot of time hidden away in his bedroom having private wanks. This is the first time he’s in the spotlight and under pressure to come on command while a man watches him. Little does the tough sucker know I’m nursing a hard-on in my trousers while perving on him.

Theodore - Investment Banker:

Theodore is a successful young businessman who also wants to become known as a big studly porn star. I have no interest in giving this handsome young cunt stories he can brag to his buddies about over champagne in some swanky cocktail bar. What I do want is to take this handsome leader of tomorrow and get him arse up on my exam table. I want him to stand in front of me fully naked and embarrassed while I examine his cock and make him play with his foreskin and balls. If I am kind enough to cast him in a porn video he won't be screwing a dozen women at once to make him look like he's master of the universe. He'll be naked on the ground offering his arse up like a slut and begging to be fucked.

Any sensible young businessman would be paranoid about the effect starring in porn might have on his career. But Theodore's overwhelming sex drive obliterates his reason and has brought him to my cold isolated audition room in the hope of fulfilling his raunchy fantasies. Listen to how he confidently lays out what he will and won't do when really he should be grateful being chosen to have this opportunity out of hundreds of men who apply.

I told him beforehand that he should just think of me like a doctor. It made it much easier for him showing his dick to me if he thought this was just a routine check up before a basketball game. He couldn't get over being anxious about his dick size after I made him measure it. Not that I give a fuck about dick size really. I just like keeping him on edge.

Theordore has spent so much time reclining on his bed wanking that he can't get himself off in any other position. So I tell him to lay back on the table and play with himself while I circle around him filming his naked body from every position and enjoy his wank show. But he found this too intimidating so stood up to try to block me out. Afterwards he told me how he felt like a star shooting his semen on camera. But I was only interested in adding him to my catalogue of hot young men spunking for me.

Walter - Student:

Walter is an intellectual guy who has done a variety of work to support his studies and now he wants to earn some cash making porn. The thing about guys who consider themselves brainy is that they usually over-think things to the point where any pleasure is squeezed out of it. This man has a sufficiently high sex drive that he can usually drown out his thoughts, but it has meant he has blocked out a whole range of sexual activity. It’s time for this hunky rugby player to stop thinking so much and get lost in the pure physical pleasure of experience.

He may have thought of going into porn as a joke at first, but it’s suddenly startlingly real now that he’s in the confines of the audition room. While he has a randy sexual nature it sounds as if Walter hasn’t done a lot to proactively seek out what gets him off the most but rather let things happen to him. Hopefully this process will get him out of his shell and help him to actively seek what gives him the best orgasm.

With his big lips, gleaming white teeth and masculine tanned body Walter looks like a swarthy prince charming. He has the thick hairy thighs and pendulous cock and balls of a real rugger. It was exciting to get him to part his big round butt cheeks and show off that arsehole which he’s so reluctant to have penetrated.

Although he spends a lot of time hitting the books, Walter looks like the prototype of the big dumb jock when he’s completely naked, jerking his fat cock and flipping through porn with his mouth hanging open. It’s time to stop thinking about the experience of shamelessly jerking himself off while being filmed and actually do it.

Torrent contains all three video clips (Interview, Physical, and Wank), in WMV format, from each of the five models in this set, as well as the complete set of photos from each of their actual auditions. 

Videos included in this torrent are as follows:

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Benjamin - Interview.wmv:  28.16 MB
Benjamin - Physical.wmv:  40.51 MB
Benjamin - Wank.wmv:  27.99 MB

Fabio - Interview.wmv:  33.74 MB
Fabio - Physical.wmv:  33.05 MB
Fabio - Wank.wmv:  28.76 MB

Theodore - Interview.wmv:  13.86 MB
Theodore - Physical.wmv:  39.39 MB
Theodore - Wank.wmv:  43.14 MB

Walter - Interview.wmv:  53.11 MB
Walter - Physical.wmv:  54.34 MB
Walter - Wank.wmv:  44.33 MB

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