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STHJ II (4 updates)

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DescriptionNick's Nipple Licking, Cock Sucking Edging and Milking

Rich has sexy Nick tied to the bench for a real slow edging. 
He gently strokes and sucks his hard cock while lightly licking
the straight guys nipples and neck.  When Nick is fully aroused,
Rich torments him with his stop and go technique, eventually
switching to a slow, steady pace.  When he gradually increases
the tempo Nick is enjoying it so much he forgets and shoots his
load without permission.  Of course, he then pays for it with a
torturous milking of his now ultra sensitive cock.

Blushing Blake Forced to Cum with a Slow Stroke

Blake is a 22 year old, straight cutie, a restaurant worker
with a young looking face and slim, smooth body.  Rich
had him strip down and Blake stood blushing, saying he felt
embarrassed being naked on camera.  His face remained red
for the remainder of the clip. After securing him to the rack
Rich slowly stroked and sucked his cock and Blake was ready
to shoot in no time.  Rich gently teased and edged and denied
his request to stroke faster, telling him he had to work for it. 
When he finally gives permission, Blake shoots his thick load
instantly, just the way Rich wanted, nice and slow.

Ethan Racked and Edged

Rich has 23 year old, straight, horny Ethan tied to the
rack for a slow motion edging.  Rich sucks and licks his
sensitive nipples while stroking his long, hard cock in slow
motion and Ethan is lost in a trance.  He focuses on the
head, using an endless tunnel stroke, then teases the shaft
lightly with his finger tips.  When he senses that Ethan is
getting close, he walks off to let him cool down, leaving his
hard cock to throb and twitch in the air.  Watch Ethan's facial
reactions as Rich torments him.  Rich strokes slowly, and
Ethan is so close to the edge that he shoots instantly when he's
granted permission in a very powerful and satisfying orgasm.

Chris is So So Close
New model Chris is a very horny guy and Rich torments
him very close to the edge in this clip.  He's a 30 year old,
straight construction worker, handsome, very masculine and
sexy with lots of ink, hard muscles from physical labor, a big,
hard cock, and he's never been touched by a man before.  Rich
gently strokes his hard dick, paying special attention to the
head, lightly toying with the shaft and head with his finger
tips.  Chris squirms and twists in his seat, trying desperately to
hold back, at times coming so close it looks like he's going to
shoot.  He oozes a little cum but gains control on holds back.
Poor Chris is beside himself, desperately trying not to cum,
until Rich gives permission, then makes him shoot a huge
load with six more slow strokes.

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