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DescriptionBarbecue Wrestling-MANNI-SLAVEK-ROGER-JAY-GUSTEL-KEVIN-

6 fighter in 6 exciting fights. During a barbecue evening a few boys want to know who`s the best and strongest fighter. Roger from Hamburg (an experienced boxer) wants to stop Manni, the 16 years old bodybuilder, who had recently declared himself the "King of Submission Wrestling". Will Roger defeat Manni or does Manni remains the strongest one? Stuck on of the aggressiveness and combat desire of the two, the others want to know, wish they can do on the mat. Starring: Manni (16 years old bodybuilder), Slavek (16 yo./the small one with the big mouth), Roger (26 yo./experienced boxer from Hamburg), Jay (16 yo./our cute guy / he´s new in our team), Gustl and Kevin (both of them new in the team).

farmworker-MANNI vs RANDY-

Manni and Randy are helping a farmer with his work and have to mow a meadow. After a short time Manni becomes bored with farmwork and would much rather scuffle with Randy in the meadow and compare strength with him. Both have trained hard for many years in the gym and have developed roughly the same muscle mass. Randy does not want to miss this chance to take the title "Fightplace-King" from Manni and put himself in top position. However, will he really succeed?

Forest Battle-MANNI AND TIM vs JAY & GUSTEL-

fighter in 4 exciting fights. Manni and his brother Tim, are meeting Jay and Gustel at a hidden forest-hut. They know eachother from the "barbecue" and still ask the two for a revenge. Mannis brother is new in the team, but comes over as a very promising fighter. These returnfights are ever so exciting, and your level of adrenalin will rise automaticlly

Garage Gang-MANNI- Slavek- Jay-Pharell-Gustel

6 to 5 and powerfull to hot! That is the new garage-gang! Manni and Slavek are getting "together", but even though manni tries to get Slavek by the neck a group of friends appear and assist him. The game turns, and manni gets put in dews in order to check his bellymuscels, which they punching endlessly. He has to suffer untill some friends came and got both groups apart. Now the fights take place on the ground. The new "Pille" fights against Manni, who wants to prouf his master-role. Very aggressive the Manni as torment by Slavek, and very courageous too, you will see who wins! You remember the fights in -the mechanics- it looks like a revanche between Jay and Pharell. Nobody will admit the final lost of the fight, what a battle, and who will win. Gustel is back in this production and will fight against Pharell the turk, he is taller, but does not know anything about Gustels power and finess. In the final fight Jay and Pille concentrating all their energy in order to submit the other and its one of the most hardest he ever did.


Manni gets a unwelcome visit of two young boys (Daniel and Marco). Fortunately Maik, a good friend of Manni, is visiting Manni. So, both are able to be defence against Daniel and Marco. Manni is posing and showing his muscles and provokes Daniel to a fight in his mat-room. Daniel, top-trains and a bodybuilder like Manni, wrestles with Manni up to exhaustion! From time to time Maik and Marco intervene, but the fight "Manni vs. Daniel" pulls itself like a red thread by this fight-evening. The two hate themselfs and they show this! For the surprise of all suddenly Jay emerges, wich wants to interfere as an arbiter. 60 minutes of totally wrestling-action!

Mc Wrestler-MANNI- Phil- Gustel- slavek

Phil, Manni and the other two started an argument at mc donalds, as they could not agree over the meal. at home a lively fight will give the answer to this problems. Gustel joins the party, but feels that Slavek should not always attack omly the small boys. 5 fights, parts two against one and a strong guy who is able to match manni.

Monday Afternoon 1- Manni, Tim, Chesko and Wladimir

We have just rediscovered a somewhat older film that was originally intended for our members only. We would like now to share this quite well-done training hall match with you. Manni, Tim, Chesko and Wladimir use to meet on mondays to play some football. This time, however, while still in the locker room, they decided to wrestle instead. Especially Wladimir and Manni are very keen on testing their strength and deciding once and for all who gets to be the King of Fightplace. Upon setting up the mats, Wladi and Tim begin their match. It's a hard fight with lots of leg scissors. When Chesko and Manni start interfering with their match, all mayhem breaks loose. Chesko and Wladi take over the next part, and again we get to see Wladi's legs apply some hard scissors. To make matters more interesting, we get a glimpse at some surprising views through Wladi's baggy shorts. The next part is all about Manni and Chesko roughing each other up and throwing each other onto the mats. Then comes the final decision: Manni vs Wladi! If you're a fan of scissors, you're going to love how Wladi gets Manni in a particularly nasty scissor hold. He lets him wriggle for quite some time, and it seems as if Manni has no chance of freeing himself. But those who know Manni, know that he's capable of everything. A sweaty match, full of scissors, ballgrabs and many other nifty tricks.


In Pool Adventures 1-2 we did use the sunny days for some fights at the swimmingpool of a little mountain town, and a nearby pond. Tim, the brother of manni, is challenging his brother for a fight, and will use afterwards the pool for a refreshing bath! Jay and Gustel will define, who is the strongest in this team. The second part will take place at a small pond in the mountains. For Toni, a smart boy from italy, is this the first encounter with the fightplace-team, and of course he will proof to be one of the strongest. Everything is allowed, and the group will really use the space and enjoys the afternoon. 70 minutes of wresting-action in special settings and top quality

pool adventures 3-MANNI-RANDY-DANIEL-

Part 3 of the series teams up fightplace-newcomer Randy, "who´s the king?" teenage bodybuilder Manni and cute boy Daniel. We go to a forest lake for some swimming fun and Pool Adventures 3 takes you outdoors into the woods for all of the action. Manni, Randy and Daniel wearing baggy shorts (later speedos) and they have natural well toned bodies, and are close to the same size and weight. First they oil up each other and then they starts with arm wrestling before the real fight begins. Manni is fighting a little bit dirty, he uses wedgies and bring the pain to his opponent Randy. Later Randy has to fight against Daniel.

Snow Fighter-MANNI- Tim- Slavek - Jeff - Pharell

Manni and Tim are returning from a special football match. Manni is a longtime fan of the bavarian 1860-club in munich, an hates the other club from bavaria the bayern-munich club. Their argument is getting so aggressive, that their verbal fight, turns into a real fight with full body pressure, ever though it has just snowed everywhere. They are fighting on a huge ground which is full of snow. At the same time Slavek and Pharell returning from their weekly wrestling-training, to become a better fighter, they are very interesting in looking on, or even join in, in this white excitement. Pharell uses a snowball to attack Tim ,and Tim jumps wright on to get Pharell into a fight. Between Slavek and Manni an old antipathy starts to show and they get on each other too. Finally Slavek and Pharell move on homewards, but still looking forward to know, who is the strongest. The fights continue at the studio, and the competition turns into a real tournament. Manni fights in tanga, al long time wish for many of you. Manni against Pharell, then Manni and Jeff , who is new in the team, and who fights like a well trained superstar. The whole story turns as Jeff has now chance, and this fights develops into a 2 on 1 fight. They change teamplayers, and the fight seens to escalate as Tim/Jeff wants to overcome Manni. Slavek tries Tim and at the end of this session, Jeff asked Pharell for revange. The fight partners are quite equally strong and do not pull back.

the jogger-MANNI-DANIEL-

At his jogging-training Daniel meets his opponent Manni. Both have had a fight in Mannis matroom some time ago. (In Manni and the trouble-makers). At that time Daniel was the looser. Now Daniel gets a second chance to show Manni, that he is tough enough to win a fight against him. First they check up each other. Than, a few seconds later, the real and hard fight begin. Following this fight, we present a short clip-show, showing some parts from different Fightplace - productions. The Jogger - Manni vs. Daniel

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