Tim Black - Lucio Maverick & Rogerio Mateo

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Description Tim Black, a truly handsome Joe with big ears is playing a dangerous flirting game with Lucio Maverick (sporting a gelled-up Mohawk style) and Rogerio Mateo. Rogerio and Lucio quickly get aggressive, literally cornering Tim and pushing him to the floor. This is one man who obviously gets high from having dick in his mouth. Tim sucks his new buddies feverishly, gripping both men by the base of their pricks and flipping back and forth. The Mohawk seems to evoke the ruthless top in Lucio. He pistons his greasy fuckstick into a happy Tim, who's got one leg propped up on a bar stool for easier access. Rogerio, with his scruffy growth of beard, sits directly on Tim's face. It's precarious sex to be sure -- Tim is draped across two bar stools which seem to be in constant danger of tipping. Rogerio fucks Tim just as aggressively, Lucio scooting around front to swallow Tim to the base while he's getting plowed. The orgasms that bring the three-way to a close have an undertone of show and tell, the three men glaring at one another, curious to see who's going to erupt with the biggest load.
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